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Bellator 89 Event Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA.

This week we Bellator 89 coming to us live from The Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, NC.

The preliminary bouts will air on and the main card will be broadcasted on Spike TV.

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Get ready for the toughest tournament in sports!!!

Preliminary Bouts

Heavyweight Feature Bout
David Mejia vs. Mont McMullens
Round 1. And now we go back in time to the old times of fat tubs fighting for King of the Cage…..oh wait nevermind. They tap gloves and they’re off. This looks like King Kong Bundy vs. Ray Mercer, no joke. Mejia is walking McMullen down but receives a few body kicks for it. Lead hook for Mejia but nothing. McMullen throws a body kick and Mejia catches the kick for the TD. Mejia passes to half guard and doing a decent job. McMullens bridges, gets back up but Mejia takes him back down. Mejia is landing some decent elbows from side mount. McMullens is tryin to buck Mejia off of him, just enough to get half guard again but Mejia is doing a great job of keeping top position. Holy smokes, McMullens does a wall walk! But he lands on his knees with Mejia on his back in the referee position. Mejia is landing left and after left and the ref stops the fight. McMullens spit out his mouth piece after 4 or 5 of those short left hands.

Official Results: David Mejia defeats Mont McMullens by TKO at 4:15 of round 1.

Middleweight Feature Bout
Aaron Johnson vs. Brennan Ward
Round 1. And we’re off. Johnson throws a kick and Ward catches it. As soon as they hit the ground Johnson goes for an armbar and gets it!!! Ward taps almost immediately. It was right from the beginning, Ward walks back to his corner holding his hands out like wtf? I can’t believe I just got caught with that.

Official Results: Aaron Johnson defeats Brennan Ward by armbar at 0:15 of round 1.

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Sultan Aliev vs. Mikkel Parlo
Round 1. They tap gloves and they’re off. Nice jabs by Parlo but they short. He goes in for another jab and is met with a jab by Aliev and sends him on his ass. Flash knock down, Parlo pops back up . Aliev looks very patient, not going crazy after the knock down. It appears as if Parlo has his legs back. A few exchanges but nothing is landing. High kick by Aliev but blocked easily by Parlo. Aliev’s hands look smoother and more refined. Aliev shoots and gets into a clinch by pressing Parlo against the fence. Parlo switches position and gets Aliev on the fence. They separate and again they clinch and Aliev gets the takedown. Parlo uses butterflies to get back up. Parlo is pushing the action but nothing is landing cleanly. Very close first round, not a lot action to score. Big swing and miss right hand by Parlo. Aliev shoots but is stuffed easily by Parlo and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Aliev 10-9

Round 2. A few jabs by Parlo, nothing lands. Inside leg kick by Parlo lands cleanly. Double jab by Parlo, only the 2nd one lands. Lots of movement, lots of faints. They clinch and Parlo pushes for the TD and almost gets it. As they remain in the clinch and Aliev gets the outside trip TD and lands in Parlo’s half guard. Parlos gets back up but is stuck in a front head lock by Aliev. Parlo pops his head out but Aliev keeps the clinch. They separate. Another inside kick by Parlo lands. lead right hand body shot by Aliev that lands. Parlos actually ducked right into it. Exact same sequence. Aliev throws a body shot, Parlo ducks into it and gets stuck in the face. Aliev is very flat footed but he’s doing a great job of landing and evading. Parlo lunges in but nothing. Aliev leaps in with a hook stright right combo and it lands. Body kick by Parlo and Aliev took it well. The bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Aliev 10-9

Round 3. Inside kick by Parlo but misses, then tries and outside kick that lands. Another inside kick by Parlo and it was partially caught by Aliev but Parlo sprawled out if it. Body kick by Parlo and it almost cost him as Aliev caught it again. Parlo pulled the leg back in quick. Parlo is pressing but every time he engages, Aliev drops his level and tries for the TD. Aliev lands a quick jab, answered by a kick from Parlo. Spinning back fist by Aliev, which sounds like it landed but I believe Parlo blocked it. Parlo is landing his jab well but nothing behind it. Another body kick by Parlo and it appears as if it hurt Aliev. Parlo attacks and Aliev pulls guard, I think he may be hurt. Parlo postures to throw a few punches. Parlo has Aliev up against the fence but Parlo isn’t throwing enough. He passes Aliev’s gaurd but gets back to half. Parlo is in no rush, he must think he’s not behind on the cards because there’s no urgency on his part. Now he turns it up, he stands to land a few punches an the bell rings. Missed opportunity possibly for Parlo. It looked like he had Aliev hurt but Parlo didn’t do enough with top position.

Fightline gives round 3 to Parlo 10-9.

Official Results: Sultan Aliev defeats Mikkel Parlo. All three judges had it 29-28.

Middleweight Feature Bout
Kyle Bolt vs. Joe Pacheco
Round 1. Go to work!! The ref says. Nice jab by Bolt. Pacheco gets the clinch and from the clinch gets the TD. Bolt tries a triangle but Bolt defends it easily. Bolt looks flexible and has long legs, so long that he gets the body triangle, but then lets it go. Bolt has mission control, breaking Pacheco’s posture well. Pacheco is trying to pull out and does. Yikes, mission control and pulling out? Sorry guys. Anyway, Pacheco continues to work from top position and Bolt closes his guard. Pacheco passes Bolts guard easily and after knee on belly, gets mount. But Bolt gets out of the mount and goes for a leg lock but Pacheco is raining down punches to defend. They end up back in half guard with Pacheco on top and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Pacheco 10-9.

Round 2. Pacheco lunges in for the take down and gets it. Very strong take down,and then passes to side mount immediately. Damn that was fast. Pacheco has somewhat of a crucifix position but they’r near the cage so Bolt’s long legs are helping him here. Bolt gets his legs in front of Pacheco but Pacheco tosses them aside and gets back to side mount with Bolt’s head pinned up against the cage. Pacheco gets full mount now. Again, Bolt coming out from the back door with his long legs and gain it works. He has a possible leg lock but Pacheco is doing a great job of not letting Bolt extend to finish the leg lock. Pacheco is smothering and stacking Bolt well, not letting Bolt extend. Bolt stretches to finish it but Pacheco doesn’t look worried. Pacheco moves to side mount and begins to land elbows and the ref jumps in right away. I couldn’t tell but Bolt was out!! It took like 2 or 3 elbows but Bolt was done.

Official Results: Joe Pacheco defeats Kyle Bolt by TKO at 4:02 of round 2.

Welterweight Feature Bout
Chris Mierzwiak vs. Johnny Buck
Round 1. A south paw vs. a conventional fighter, lets see how this goes. Buck catches a kick of Mierzwiak and take him down and stays in Mierzwiak half guard. Nice deep half guard sweep by Mierzwiak and goes for a knee bar while Buck is going for a toe hold. This leg lock fight is awesome!!They keep scrambling and Buck stands while Mierzwiak is going for a heel hook. Bucks falls down and screams but he keeps fighting and defending the heel hook. Something is wrong w/ Buck, he looks hurt, he just gave up his back and Mierzwiak sinks both hooks in. Buck has 2-on-1 and is defending well. Buck is trying to pull Mierzwiak off his back but Mierzwiak is maintaining the position well. A few hammer fists by Mierzwiak landing well. Buck is basically holding on here w/ 30 seconds left. Mierzwiak tries to get fancy and goes for an armbar from back position and doesn’t get it. Buck regains top position and ground£s right before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Mierzwiak 10-9

Round 2. They meet in the center, Buck looks to be ok. Mierzwiak looks slightly tired but he’s doing a nice job of hiding it. His hands are lower than Bucks. Mierzwiak lunges forward with a kick and it lands. Mierzwiak goes for it again but this time a knee and gets taken down for his troubles. Buck is on top in side mount. Mierzwiak gets half guard. Mierzwiak tries to bridge from side mount(who knows why) and Buck manages to mount him. Buck is wrapping his arms around Mierzwiak’s head like he’s trying to smother him. Mierzwiak gets half guard again. I see blood on the canvas but I can’t tell from whom. Buck again gets the mount and from mount goes for an arm triangle. Mierzwiak bucks and bridges and escapes back into half guard. The arm triangle didn’t look tight nor was the positioning right. Buck stays on top in half guard and the bell ring.

Fightline gives round 2 to Buck 10-9

Round 3. They meet in the center and exchange immediately but Mierzwiak lands a low blow on Buck. The ref is giving him time to recover. Time in. Buck lands a nice 1-2 that lands. Mierzwiak tries another knee that misses, then goes for a 1-2 combo, Buck changes levels and takes Mierzwiak down. Buck passes to half guard and is working some body shots. Once more, Mierzwiak tries to bridge and gets mounted, but they’re near the fence and Mierzwiak gets back up. Standing guillotine by Buck but it doesn’t look deep. Mierzwiak sits down and pulls guard. Now Mierzwiak goes for the guillotine with no luck as Buck passes his guard. Lots of scrambling between these two guys that included a banana split attempt by Mierzwiak but Buck gets out of it easily and gets back to half guard from on top. Body-head for Buck and the bell rings with him on top in half guard. Mierzwiak looks gassed.

Fightline gives round 3 to Buck 10-9.

Official Results: Johnny Buck defeats Chris Mierzwiak by unanimous decision. All three judges have it 29-28.

Bantamweight Feature Bout
Timothy Goodwin vs. Mike Maldonado
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Goodwin shoots in immediately and Maldonado sprawls well. A few kneed from Maldonado and Goodwin drops to his own knees and give up his back. Maldonado has Goodwin’s back and is riding him well with one hook in. A little explosion by Goodwin but nothing there. Goodwin is slowing getting back up but Maldonado is doing a great job to keep the riding position. Maldonado goes from one hook in to no hooks and back again. Maldonado gives up the position to throw a few rights while Goodwin is against the fence and for some reason Goodwin elects to stay on his knees. Front headlock position and Maldonado is going for a guillotine. Small scramble and back to front headlock they go. Maldonado looks like he’s going for a guillotine again but finally they stand back up. Nice kick by Maldonado, Goodwin didn’t check it. flying knee by Maldonado lands well and Goodwin took it. Goodwin shoots in again and this time gets it. Maldonado uses the elevator and they back up to the feet and the round ends.

Fightline gives round 1 to Maldonado 10-9.

Round 2. Nice exchanges early, Maldonado gets the better of it. Goodwin thows a nice combo but none hit their mark. Goodwin shoots but gets a clinch of out it. Goodwin attempts an inside trip and gets taken down himself. Goodwin pops back up and gives up his back. We’re back to where we were in round 1. Maldonado riding Goodwin with one hook in. They’r up against the fence and Maldonado is looking for the RNC. It looks deep but Goodwin isn’t panicking and defends it well. Maldonado give it up. They stand back up against the fence, Goodwin goes for the kimura but falls back down with Maldonado in his half guard. They don spend much time there as they stand up and are in a clinch against the fence. They separate and back to the middle of the cage they go. Goodwin wings wide right hands but Maldonado’s tight combos land first. Goodwin shoots and nothing. Goodwin is pushing the pace, that’s for sure but he’s not doing much with it. Goodwin shoots and gets the TD. This time he tries to pass from top position but runs out of time.

Fightline gives round 2 to Goodwin 10-9 (on activity mainly)

Round 3. A few good exchanges, nice body kick from Maldonado. Goodwin shoots again and again gets the TD. Maldonado tries the switch but they get back up. Even thought Maldonado doesn’t look tired, he’s doing less. Body kick lands by Maldonado. Goodwin shoots again and Maldonado is attempting another switch and it works. He gets Goodwin’s back again with one hook in. Goodwin rolls and gets Maldonado off his back but lands on the bottom with Maldonado on top in side mount. Goodwin fights to get half guard and gets it. Maldonado keeps looking at his corner for instructions. They scramble again and Maldonado is on Goodwin’s back again. No urgency on the part of Goodwin at all. back to the feet they go with Maldonado on Goodwin’s back against the fence and the bell rings.

Official Results: Mike Maldonado defeats Timothy Goodwin by unanimous decision.

Main Card

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Andreas Spang vs. Doug Marshall
Round 1. We’re off. Marshall takes the center of the cage. They exchange a bit and it looks like Spang is getting the better of it. Marshall keeps walking in to Spangs hands. Marshall throws a kick and falls but Spang didn’t jump on him. Marshall gets back up. They keep exchanging and this time Marshall gets the better of it, I think Spang is slightly hurt. Ok, Spang has his legs back. Marshall lunges in with an uppercut and they end up in a clinch. A few knees in the clinch, Spang switches position and puts Marshalls back against the fence. Ref splits them up. Another good right right by Marshall. It looks like Marshalls wide rights are landing on Spangs ear. Wide uppercut and right hand by Marshall and down goes Spang!!! He walks away like it’s done and the ref jumps in. He spun Spang around and forced him to land face first after the right hand. It did look like Spang was hurt but perhaps a premature stoppage, IMO at least. Spang was damn near popping back up to his feet as soon as the ref jumped in. Either way, another KO victory for Marshall.

Official Results: Doug Marshal defeats Andreas Spang by KO at 3:03 of the 1st round.

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Brett Cooper vs. Norman Paraisy
Round 1. They cautiously meet in the center of the cage, wide right hand from Paraisy lands well. Cooper didn’t that like that much and he shoots in and they get into a clinch. They separate and again Cooper shoots in and this time gets the TD. Paraisy pops back up and they stay in the clinch near the cage. Cooper drops to a single leg and gets the TD. Paraisy is fighting to get back up with his back against the fence. Paraisy lands a knee or tow that seemed to have slowed Cooper down some. They exchange again and Paraisy lands a left on Cooper forcing Cooper to shoot in again. Paraisy kinda reminds me of a younger Wanderlie Silva. Cooper slams Paraisy but he pops back up and keeps swinging. Paraisy covered his face when he blocks and it looks like he can’t see the punches coming that way. Now Paraisy gets the TD, but Cooper uses the fence with his back and gets back up. Cooper drops for a double leg from a clinch and gets the TD. Cooper is on top in Paraisy’s half guard. Cooper is using his head to keep Paraisy’s head still to land one last punch before the round ends. Close round

Fighline gives round 1 to Brett Cooper 10-9.

Round 2 They meet in the center. Big uppercut by Cooper drops Paraisy and almost gets his back. Paraisy fights to get back to his feet but Paraisy is still a bit stunned and Cooper takes advantage of it and takes Paraisy back down. Paraisy momentarily turns his back but then turns back to Cooper. Cooper is in Paraisys half guard again on top. Cooper is doing a great job of keeping Paraisy down and landing clean right hands. Not very powerful but they’re landing clean. Deep half sweep by Paraisy helps him get back to his feet. Cooper is still pushing to take the fight back to the ground. Another take down from Cooper from up against the fence. Paraisy looking for that same deep half sweep, but Cooper reads it and stuff it. Paraisy sits up with his back against the fence and manages to get back to his feet. Cooper scoops Paraisy up with a double leg and slams him hard, still near the fence. These guys are working non stop. Cooper is throwing lefts and rights from top position in Paraisy’s guard. Paraisy manages to get to his knees and scoops a leg of Coopers and takes Cooper down right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Cooper 10-9.

Round 3 A few outside kicks from Paraisy and Cooper shoots and drives Paraisy into the cage and gets the TD. Cooper stands and lands some nice hard right hands. Paraisy gets back up but again, Cooper takes him down. Cooper is all over Paraisy, smothering him. Paraisy gets back up and Cooper takes him down once more. Cooper is doing a great job with the TD’s but he keeps allowing Paraisy to get back to his feet. He’ll use more energy taking Paraisy down than keeping him down, but again, they get back up. Cooper throws a bit then shoots again. Cooper lifts Paraisy and slams his down hard, almost knocking the wind out of Paraisy. Paraisy gets to his knees and gives up his back. Paraisy turns over and Cooper sticks to him like white on rice. Cooper in Paraisys half guard and this time when Paraisy gets to his knees, Cooper gets Paraisy back. Then he falls off and Paraisy get top position momentarily. Cooper stiff arms Paraisy easliy and gets back up, only to shoot in and slam Paraisy back down. I might call this round a 10-8. Cooper in Paraisys open guard and the round ends.

Fightline has round 3, 10-8 for Cooper.

Official Results: Brett Cooper defeats Norman Paraisy by unanimous decision. All judges have it 30-27.

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Brian Rogers vs. Dan Cramer
Round 1. They slap gloves and off we go. Cramers take sthe center of the cage. they engage and it looks like Cramer was mildly stunned. They stay in the clinch and Rogers is throws Cramers and lands on top in half guard. Cramer manages to roll Roges over and presses him up against the fence. Roger is looking for the kimura then drops it. Rogers kicks Cramer off and pops back up to his feet. The remain on the feet in the clinch against the fence and Cramer takes Rogers back down. They’re in the center of the cage with Rogers on his back going for submissions. He goes for a armbar and misses. They stand back up. A quick exchange and Cramer drops to one knee but gets back up. Rogers throws a right and is caught with a left from Cramer, both punches landed. Rogers keeps the center of the cage and Cramer is circling around him. It looks like Cramer is bleeding from his nose. Cramer engages in a Thai clinch and gets punched with lefts and rights from Rogers. They separate and Cramer complains about an eye poke to the ref and the ref pays him no attention. They exchange one last time before the round ends.

Fightline gives round 1 to Rogers 10-9.

Round 2. Rogers lands a quick 2-1-2 and gets into a clinch then throws Cramer to the canvas from the clinch. Rogers pounces but then backs off, letting the ref stand Cramer up. Cramers throws 2 right hands, blocked by Rogers. Again they clinch and Cramer gets thrown by Rogers. They don’t stay on the ground too long, Rogers back away and lets Cramer get back up. Now Cramer gets the TD. He pins rogers against the fence but Rogers gets up way too easy. Another clinch and Cramer gets the TD with an outside trip and lands in Rogers half guard. Cramer passes to side mount, got greedy and went for a sloppy mount and ends up back in Rogers half guard. Rogers pushes off and gets back to his feet. They trade shots and Rogers gets the better of it. Cramers lands one more right hand at the bell.

Fightline gives round 2 to Cramer 10-9.

Round 3. Cramer lands a quick knee from the Thai clinch, Rogers gets away. Cramers engages and manages to get a clinch. He pushes Rogers to the fence landing knees. Rogers goes for the same throw but Cramer blocks it well. They’re back on the feet. This time Rogers initiates the clinch but they separate again. Big upper cut just misses by Rogers. 2 nice rights land on Cramers but then then clinch and Roger drops after a knee connects on his chin. Cramer jumps on him and in throwing hammer fists from inside Rogers half guard. Cramer passes and gets full mount. Rogers bridges and gets back up after a failed leg lock. Big jumping knee by Rogers!!! Cramer is hurt, Rogers is throwing everything he has at Cramer. They get into a clinch and Rogers tries to throw Cramer but a nice tight whizzer throws Rogers over. They get back up and another failed throw by Rogers and back to the ground they go w/ Cramer on on top inside Rogers half guard. They both throw punches until the round ends. Damn, bad ass round. Very very close

Fightline gives round 3 to Cramer 10-9.

Official Results: Dan Cramer defeats Brian Roger by unanimous decision. 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 all for Cramer.

It’s main event time yall!!!

World Bantamweight Championship Bout
(C) Eduardo Dantas vs. Marcos Galvao
Round 1. They tap gloves and sorta hug. Quick indie kick by Dantas. Galvao replies with an outside kick, Dantas again with a kick. Jab by Dantas, did not connect. Dantas looks like the quicker fighter. Lots of faints, nothing serious. Hard outside kick by Galvao. Dantas lands a couple of jabs and by the time Galbao reacts, Dantas is gone. Galvao lands a leg kick that drops Dantas. Dantas pops back up and Galvao jumps on him and has his back on the feet against the fence. He lifts Dantas for the slam but Dantas blocks it well. Galvao is landing knees to the back of Dantas legs. Ref warns the guys to keep working. Dantas uses good hand control to turn into Galvao and escape. They swing and Galvao looks mildly stunned. Dantas with the 1-2 and Galvao takes it well. Galvao throwing big right hands but nothings connecting cleanly. One last straight hand hand by Galvao lands at the bell.

Fightline gives round 1 to Dantas 10-9.

Round 2. Dantas opens up with a leg kick, Galvao didn’t check it. Commentator Sean Wheelock mentions that Dantas has a cut on his eye lid but it’s not bad yet. Outside kick by Galvao. They’re both throwing well bu nothing is landing, besides Dantas stiff jab. Man, Dantas is so much faster than Galvao. Front kick by Dantas followed by an outside kick, then a jab. Dantas getting busy and connecting easily. High head kick by Dantas drops Galvao but he gets back up swinging, Galvao is throwing back but is getting hit bad. Dantas slows down and back off. Spinning back kick by Dantas lands on Galvao’s stomach. Dantas attacks Galvao with some pressure. He faints and Galvao ducks right into a right upper cut by Dantas. He falls back and Dantas pounces and finished him off with hammer fists and the ref jumps in. You can tell the hammer fists weren’t too hard. After the replay, the go back to the live shot of the cage and Dantas is crying. He goes over to shake the hands of Galvao’s corner (Vitor “Shaolin”) and “Shaolins” eyes are also watery. Great ending, but sad to see close teammates fighting one another.

Official Results: Eduardo Dantas defeats Marcos Galvao by TKO at 3:01 of round 2. Dantas keeps the Bellator bantamweight world championship.

Ok guys that’ll do it for me, this has been Miggs. Make sure to come back next week. Same Bellator time, same Bellator channel! Peace!!