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MMA In New York, Randy Couture, Josh Barnett: The Morning News Roundup – 2.14.13

Yesterday, Zuffa and New York State went to court, ready to do battle over the idea that the state’s ban on professional MMA violates the fight organization’s Constitutional rights. What happened instead, however, opened up a whole new can of worms, and maybe just paved the way for Dana White to hold that UFC event at Madison Square Garden in November like he promised. Here is your morning news!

• In case you missed it, here’s the article on what exactly transpired in federal court yesterday. The crux of it as that the state admitted that third-party sanctioning is a loophole by which the UFC could hold shows in New York.

• The divorce was ugly, but now that it seems like it’s officially over, we’re privy to all the “he said/she said” we could want. That’s right, I’m talking about Randy Couture and Dana White’s latest – and likely final – split. Here’s MMAWeekly with Couture’s side of things.

• Were you bummed about Josh Barnett not signing with the UFC? Well, fear not, because according to White, the door is still open.