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Junior Dos Santos, Olympic Wrestling, MMA In New York: The Morning News Roundup – 2.13.13

Yesterday the story broke that the International Olympic Committee was giving wrestling the boot, and of course the news dominated the cycle. And why not? Wrestling is an integral component of MMA, from the legion of fighters who come from high school or college wrestling backgrounds to the fact that every successful MMA competitor has at least had some exposure to the rigors of the grappling-centric sport. Sadly, other than a few petitions, and outcry from a wide range of people including former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (“Wrestling dropped from the Olympics? Has the IOC lost its senses?”), it doesn’t seem like much can be done. FightLine will definitely keep tabs on this story, though. Here’s your news:

• Here are Ronda Rousey and Dan Henderson’s thoughts on the loss of wrestling from the Olympics: And here’s a solid reaction piece from MMAFrenzy’s Chris Leslie.

• Were you bummed when Alistair Overeem got smashed at UFC 156 and lost his shot at taking a beating at the hands of UFC champ Cain Velasquez? Well, maybe this can sooth your wounded heart: Overeem will get to face Junior dos Santos at UFC 160, which likely will provide ample opportunity for the overgrown Dutchman to take another – and even more vicious – beating. Here’s MMAWeekly with the news.

• Zuffa’s attorneys are going to court today to give their oral arguments as to why the State of New York sucks for not sanctioning the sport. Will there be a show at Madison Square Garden in the fall? What transpires before the judge could go a long way in determining that. And yes, I will be there taking notes.