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Sean Sherk, Former UFC Champion, Sounds Off On Olympic Wrestling Being Axed

Former UFC champion Sean Sherk has spoken out, as have many other MMA stars, in response to news that wrestling will be cut from the Summer Olympics beginning in 2020.

Here is what Sherk posted on his Facebook page earlier today after news of the IOC’s decision was made public:

I have no idea how the International Olympic committee can get rid of a sport like wrestling? Not only is it the toughest most demanding, grueling sport in the world but it’s also ‘along with running’ the very first Olympic sport and the reason why the Olympics were even created in the first place dating all the way back to the Roman times. Whatever jackasses voted for wrestling to be out of the Olympics should be fired! To say the least……

He went on to add several more statements in the comments section under his post:

I don’t know who’s running the Olympic committee nowadays but they’re obviously not former athletes of any kind. Just a bunch of paper pushers who have never competed in their entire lives. They will add something stupid like synchronized singing or something like that, trying to find the next Boyband like American Idol in the Olympics.