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Keith Hackney Recalls UFC 3 Fight That Made Him Infamous, Video Included

When the UFC was still in their early days they almost didn’t make it with the likes of Senator John McCain pushing to ban the sport. He called the sport “human cockfighting” and used Keith Hackney’s UFC 3 appearance as evidence.

In the opening round of that tournament, Hackney and Joe Son were tied up on the ground. Hackney nailed Son with several shots to the groin before locking in a submission victory. 19 years later and shots to the groin are now illegal, but in 1994 there were only a few rules and that wasn’t one of them.

Hackney had no worries about the blows as they were how the sport played out then.

“I didn’t bite or eye gouge anybody,” said Hackney to Sherdog. “They were the only things you weren’t allowed to [do], but if you did it, you’d just lost $1,000. But nobody said anything about groin shots. I’d probably do some different things today.”

In the semifinals, Hackney lost to the eventual winner and UFC hall of famer Royce Gracie. He returned a year later, suffering his second loss via submission. He retired after that to focus on his air-conditioning business, which he still owns and operates today.

Only New York, Connecticut and Montana are yet to legalize MMA.

The video of the repeated groin shots is below.