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Pedro Nobre’s Coach Declares Dana White Was Misinformed On Injury

Pedro Nobre’s coach Murilo Bustamante stands by his fighter that his recent UFC performance did indeed leave the Brazilian injured. Nobre claimed he was unable to continue in his UFC on FX bout with Iuri Alcantara after claiming to be struck several times in back of the head.

The referee paused the fight and had a doctor look over Nobre before declaring it a no contest. The replay appeared to show that none of the shots were illegal, which led to UFC president Dana White calling Nobre’s actions as “Oscar worthy.” He was released from the promotion shortly afterwards.

“Dana White gave an unfortunate statement about a seasoned athlete, who has struggled with many very tough opponents,” said Bustamante to TATAME. “He made a big mistake and Dana White gave this regrettable statement.”

Bustamante went on that the hospital reports showed that Nobre suffered a swollen neck. Due to that, Bustamante believes Nobre should not have been released.

As he continued, Bustamante expected Nobre to return to his normal roots as flyweight.