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Royce Gracie Speaks About Safety In Today’s MMA

Royce Gracie was with the UFC since day one. When he began, there were few rules and almost anything was allowed. Those days have since changed with the sport introducing many rules as they search to become universally accepted. Gracie understands the change and accepts them.

“You need the rules,” said Gracie to Middle Easy. “Imagine if it was no time limit today. They only have a two hour PPV and if the fights go longer, maybe you only have one or two fights a night. They need to put the time limit for the safety of the fighters so people can’t say this is brutal.”

During Gracie’s UFC run, he won 11 fights in a row. He won the first, second and fourth tournament held by the UFC. His only loss for the promotion was when he returned at UFC 60 against Matt Hughes.

Gracie’s return to the UFC saw a much stricter rule set that is designed to keep everyone safe.

“They have to have the regulations and the doctors watching,” said Gracie. “It can’t be like the old days.”