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Toney Lopez Not Happy With How Last Year Concluded

Tony Lopez’s 2012 wasn’t perfect, but was bearable. That was until he took part in his final fight of the calendar year, which saw him drop a technical decision to Trevor Prangley due to an illegal knee. The loss caused Lopez from winning the KOTC light heavyweight championship.

“This year I’ve got to be better than I was before,” said Lopez to MMA Weekly. “Last year I had a couple losses, and while I had a couple wins, I went to decisions a couple times and I’ve got to fix all that.”

For his future fights, Lopez plans to use more defense since at 39-years-old he knows his career his widening down.

Lopez started last year off as KOTC heavyweight champion and was already on a four fight win streak when 2012 began. He went 4-2 last year, with all the wins having him maintain his heavyweight title. The two losses came when he fought as light heavyweight.