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Bellator 88 Results: Middleweight Title Fight – Alexander Shlemenko Vs Miaquel Falcao

Main event time ya’ll!!!

Bellator Middleweight Title Fight
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Maiquel Falcao
Round 1 They meet in the middle and a quick exchange, it looks like no one got through there. They swing some more and nothing connecting clearly. Falcao shoots and gets back control on the feet and on the fence. Shlemenko turns into him and gets off the fence. Back to the middle they go. Falcao is swinging hard, Shlemenko is taking it well. Shlemenko comes back with a clinch of his own and using a slick outside trip, he takes Falcao down and lands in his guard. The ref stands them relatively quick. Spinning back kick misses by Shlemenko. Every time Shlemenko throws, Falcao tries to throw as well, almost as if he’s trying to beat Shlemenko to the punch. They clinch again and Falcao goes for a throw where Shlemenko landed on top. They pop back up and they’re in a clinch up against the fence. It looks like Falcao wants the TD but he’s not really going for it. Falcao backs up but they clinch again. Nice inside elbow from Shlemenko. They break again and that’s it. Round over.

Fightline gives round 1 to Falcao (10-9)

Round 2 They take the center of the cage again, and now Falcao is throwing a bit more.A quick kick right hand combo by Shlemenko lands clean but with not much power behind it. Another spinning back kick by Shlemenko as he presses Falcao back. They’re in a clinch again, this time not against the fence. They break and they get close, Shlemenko lands an over hand right. Nice stright right by Falcao. They start to throw down and Shlemenko gets the better of it. Shlemenko is pressing hard and had Falcao against the fence. Falcao looks slow. Shlemenko throws a spinning back kick again that looks like it missed but Falcao drops on his own and Shlemenko pounces on him. Shlemenko is standing above Falcao as he grabs Falcaos legs. Shlemenko land two heavy and nasty punches and Falcao is totally out!!! Replays show Shlemenko’s body shots were hurting Falcao. When Shlemenko was standing over Falcao, he threw a straight left down the middle and it landed clean. Falcao winced and momentarily dropped his hands to hold his gut and Shlemenko capatolized on it and landed two wide punches, one right then a left and that put Falcao to sleep quick! Damn that was bad.

Official Results: Alexander Shlemenko defeats Maiquel Falcao by KO at 2:18 of round 2.

A brief interview with Shlemenko shows he’s happy to win the title and he basically called out all the middleweights in Bellator. Damn that was pretty sick.