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Bellator 88 Results: Marlon Sandro Vs. Akop Stepenyan

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Marlon Sandro vs. Akop Stepenyan
Round 1 Fight! They meet in the center and Sandro lands first with a low leg kick. Sandro shoots by is way slow and Akop moves out the of the way easily. Spinning heel that goes over Sandros head. Very close. Sandro shoots and get’s Akops back on the feet and pressed against the fence. Sandro pulls Akop away but Akop holds the fence and warned by the ref. The separate and back to the middle of the cage. Akop is throwing a lot of kick with a lot of power. Nice right hand by Akop, it looks like his striking is more technical than Sandros. Another spinning back kick. Sandro engages and is met with a flying knee that barely grazed his chin. Sandro looks a bit slow after another shot and miss. This is a close round but I think Akop is winning it. Nice kick right hand combo by Akop. Sandro shoots again and presses Akop against the fence and this time lifts him in the air and drops him in the center of the cage. Bell rings, that might have won the round for Sandro. Very close round though.

Fightline gives round 1 to Sandro (10-9)

Round 2 Good right hand by Akop that misses but Sandro is weary of it now. Another one and that one landed, landing at will now, he has Sandro in trouble. Sandro clinches and is taken down by Akop. Sandro attempts a deep half sweep but Akop pulls out and stands up. The ref steps in to stand them up. High kick by Sandro, but with not much behind it. Akop looks very comfortable on the feet, at times it’s almost like he’s show boating a bit. Oohh nasty body kick by Akop, Sandro took it well. Another high kick by Akop, blocked by Sandro. Sandro lunges in and is met with another spinning kick to the body. Sandro catches the leg but Akop escapes well. Another body kick by Akop. Even though Sandro scarcely blinks after each body kick, you can tell they’re taking their toll. Nice 1-2 by Akop lands clean. Sandro shoots looking for a singl and gets Akops back on the feet against the fence. Sandro drops for a leg lock and Akop doesn’t look concerned. He elects to wait for the bell and there it is. Round over.

Fightline gives round 2 to Akop (10-9)

Round 3 Before the round starts, the ref deducts a point before the round starts. I have no clue why the hell he did that. Another spinning back kick misses as Sandro ducks it. Sandro shoots in and get’s the TD using a slick single leg and he lands in Akops half guard. Sandro landing a few body shots to get Akop to release his head. The ref stands them up. Inside kick from Akop. Another spinning back kick, Sandro reads it and ducks under for a single leg TD. Closed guard by Akop. It looks like Akop is trying to stall to get the fight back on the feet. To Sandro’s credit, he’s staying busy with body shots and mini slams. Every time he slams Akop, he’s scooting him over to his own corner. The ref warns Sandro to keep working, it looks like he’s diligently working from my POV. Sandro postures and lands nothing. The bell sounds and round over. Depending on how the judges have it, we may have a sudden death round. Stand by..

Fightline gives round 3 to Sandro (10-9)

Official Results: Marlon Sandro defeats Akop Stepenyan by majority decision (28-28, and two 29-27)