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Bellator 88 Results: Mike Richman Vs. Mitch Jackson

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson
Round 1 I’m excited as hell to see Richman back. Let’s see what he can do. They meet in the middle with a few jabs thrown by Richman. Jackson shoots and Richman blocks it easily. Stiff right by Jackson that connects. Richman lands a right hook over Jacksons jabs and drops Jackson with it. Jackson got back up quick though. More of a flash knock down. Richman is pressing more now. Straight left by Richman has Jackson on rubber legs. Jackson keeps getting up after every knock down, which there’s been 3 of now. Again he goes down and this time Richman jumps in Jackson’s guard. Very clean striking by Richman, it looks like both fighter are bleeding now. Jackson from his right eye an I can’t tell where Richman is bleeding from. Ok the ref stands them up and Richman has blood and what looks like a mouse under his right eye. High kick by Jackson but blocked. Richman has Jackson near the fence and back peddling. High left high kick by Richman and down goes Jackson again!! This time he looks hurt bad. Jackson’s is trying to hold and tie Richman up in his half guard with no luck, his arms go limp and the ref jumps in. I have been waiting for months for Richman to make his return and I gotta say I’m definitely satisfied with his performance.

Official Results: Mike Richman defeats Mitch Jackson by TKO (left high kick) at 4:5 of round 1