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Bellator 88 Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA. This week we have Bellator 88 live from the Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA.

The Prelims will air live on and the main card bouts will be aired live on Spike TV at 10pm EST.

Remember to keep refreshing your screen for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard.


Featherweight Feature Bout
George Hickman vs. Stephen Upchurch Round 1 Nice right body kick by Hickman to start the round well. Upchurch attacks and Hickman changes levels and takes him down and now he’s got Upchurch’s back. Rear naked choke threat with three minutes left in the first round. Upchurch defending it well but it’s looking tight and there’s the tap. Very very dominant victory by George Hickman. Takedown, getting the back, slapping the hooks in and RNC.

Official Results: George Hickman defeats Stephen Upchurch at 2:19 of round 1.

Lightweight Feature Bout
Ururahy Rodrigues vs. Clay Harvison
Round 1 Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Rodrigues attacks and misses everything. Kinda wild IMO. Now Harvison does the same and lands a quick right. Nothing on it though. Rodrigues shoots in nicely and pushes Harvison up against the fence. Harvison sprawling well but it looks like Rodrigues is switching back and forth between a single and a double. Rodrigues gives up and backs away with hands down and Harvision lands a looping right and sends Rodrigues on his ass. Harvison is in his guard and escapes a quick armbart attempt. Harvison stands and Rodrigues won’t let him as he shoots yet again. Just like before, Rodrigues is pushing Harvison against the fence. After a semi hard knee, Rodrigues backs away and off the fence they go. They exchange kicks and one lands low on Harivson. The ref will give Harivson the manditory 5 minutes. Time in. Harvison didn’t take much time at all. It looks like Harvison is getting the better of the stand up as Rodrigues’ face is looking red and I believe I ses a little bit of blood on his face. Rodrigues shoots again and against the fence they go again. That’s where the round ends.

Fightline gives round 1 to Harvison (10-9)

Round 2 They exchange low kicks and this time Rodrigues throws a few rights and shoots in for a double again but this time he takes Harvison down. Harvison pops right back up, Rodrigues couldn’t keep him down at all. Another low blow kick, this time Rodrigues takes the hit. And that one sounded loud. Time in. Rordrigues throws a few lead leg kicks that were totally telegraphed. Harivson avoided them easily. Rodrigues is pushing the action a bit, just as I say that Harvison attacks with a 3 punch combo. I believe only one of this punches landed. Wild hay makers by Rodrigues, both blocked. Nice liver kick by Rodrigues, Harvison took it well. This round looks a little different than round 1, Rodrigues is pressing the action a lot more and even if he’s not landing, he’s doing more than Harvison. Harvison at this point is back peddling a bit. Rodrigues throws a kick/1-2 combo and none landed, but again, he’s more active. Now Rodrigues initiates a clinch which ends quickly. A few more outside kicks from Rodrigues and for some reason Harvison is not checking them. End of round 2.

Fightline gives round 2 to Rodrigues (10-9)

Round 3Official Results: Clay Harvison defeats Ururahy Rodrigues by TKO at 3:34 of round 3.

Featherweight Feature Bout
Shane Crenshaw vs. Ronnie Roger
Round 1 This is the BellatorMMA debut for both of these gentleman, lets see how they perform. Crenshaw’s weight is announced as 152lbs, so I’m guessing this is some sore of catchweight bout, even thought Rogers weighed in at 145.6. Sweet double leg shot by Crewnshaw but he doesn’t get it. He basically pushed Rogers to the fence. Nice outside trip by Rogers. That helps Rogers to get off the fence. They remain on the feet. Crenshaw attempts an arm throw from the clinch and basically threw Rogers on top of him, on his back. Rogers almost sunk in a chock but Crewnshaw is blocking it well. Rogers give it up and gives up position as well. Back to the feet they go. Crewnshaw lunges in a lot w/o setting anything up. Rogers sees it coming a mile away and easily blocks everything. Crewnshaw’s corner is putting him on blast nasty by shouting instructions. Crewnshaw listens and shoots in on a double and gets it. Crewnshaw’s in Rogers guard at this piont. Ok, not anymore, Crewnshaw went from side mount, to half guard and the round ends there.

Fightline gives round 1 to Rogers (10-9)

Round 2 Rogers is controlling the center of the cage. They clinch and Crewnshaw misses a left hook on the separation. A lot of circling. Another shot from Crewnshaw and nothing. Rogers blocks it well. Whoa spinning back fist by Rogers that sounded like it landed but I think it was blocked by Crewnshaw. Nice outside leg kick by Rogers, Crewnshaw didn’t check it at all. Crewnshaw doesn’t look very comfortable on the feet but he’s not doing bad so far. Maybe not a lot of good offence but he’s not getting hit either. Crewnshaw doing a nice job of not back peddling by circling very well.He lunges in again and gets hit with a sloppy right by Rogers.Crewnshaw throws sloppy rights and lunges in for a double and does nothing. Back to the center of the cage they go. Referee Dan Mirgliaotta (I think that’s how it’s spelled)calls for more action and does get a bit more action but nothing lands. End of round 2.

Fightline gives round 2 to Rogers (10-9)

Round 3 During the break, Crewnshaw’s corner chews his ear out with kind and motivating instructions like “Stop backing up on this motherfuckah” and “This is 5 minutes of yo god damn life”. Ok…..and round 3 starts. Crewnshaw shoots in, seemingly motivated by the heart warming speech from his coach. Wild swings by Crewnshaw to get in deep on a double leg but Rogers shoves him off easily. Nice chopping kick by Rogers, almost sweeps Crewnshaw legs right out from underneath him. Another shot by Crewnshaw and yet another sprawl by Rogers. Bellator feels the need to put a camera on Crewnshaws corner yelling out instructions. I feel like crying just listening to this guy, like he’s talking to me or something. Another shot by Crewnshaw and he gets it. Very nice. They’re in the North-South position up against the fence. Rogers cage walks to get back into half guard, then full guard. Rogers is incredibly active from off his back, throwing elbows and double ear slaps. Crewnshaw is trying to land punches but none are going through. Thats it, the end of the 3rd round.

Fightline gives round 3 to Rogers (10-9)

Official Results: Ronnie Rogers defeats Shane Crewnshaw by unanimous decision (29-28) and Crewnshaw acts surprised.

Lightweight Feature Bout
Jerrid Burke vs. Joe Elmore
Round 1 They tap gloves and we’re off. The ref says “HIT IT!” and they start. Burke lands a quick right that sends Elmore back slightly. Elmore throws a punches but he looks a little tight, like he’s a bit nervous. Nice low kick by Burke. Elmore tries to throw one back and gets a right hand in his face for his troubles. Elmore is doing a nice job of pushing the action. Oh and a low blow kick lands on Elmore. 5 minutes we wait. Time in. Elmore continues to push the action, but very very wild. He basically is doing the “Bernard Hopkins” and drops his head and closes his eyes when the throws heavy leather. The clinch and Burke lands a few nice uppercuts. Elmore isn’t landing much but he’s pressing the action well. Burke throws a combo and Elmore shoots and gets the TD. Up kick lands on Elmores face flush!! Elmore drops to a knee to avoid them and lands a few more right hands from on top. He’s got Burke on his back and against the fence when the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Burke (10-9)

Round 2 A few nice exchanges and Burke lunges in. Elmore ducks it and shoots for a double leg but gets caught in a standing guillotine. He drops to his own back and Burke lets the choke go and settles for the mount. Elmore is trying to bridge but Burke is keeping mount well. The bridging of Elmore is causing them to scoot to the fence. The cage walk by Elmore and he manages to get up and on the feet they go. Elmore is wild and actually lands a right that momentarily stuns Burke. Burke is back peddling big time. Elmore slows down and he’s sucking wind. Another wild punch combo by Elmore, Burke throws a right and backs away with his hands way down, Elmore lands a super wild and sloppy left that drops Burke like a sack of potatoes. Elmore pounces and lands one more punch that causes the ref to jump in and stop the fight. Wow, that round started off all Burke and ended with a tko victory for Elmore.

Official Results: Joe Elmore defeats Jerrid Burke by TKO at 4:11 round 2.

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Fabricio Guerreiro vs. Frodo Khasbulaev
Round 1 Frodo looks super hyped to be here, lots of movement from him. Guerreiro throws a high kick that misses. They exchange punhces and land in a clinch, they separate with no damage done. Nice low kick by Frodo. And again. Guerreiro isn’t checking any of those. Guerreiro attacks and lands a nice knee in the Thai clinch, the separate again. These guys are swinging heavy early. They’re going back and forth, very aggressive. Guerreiro gets the clinch and trips Frodo and lands in mount. Frodo bridges well and lands in Guerreiros guard. Frodo stands and steps away but goes back in and almost gets caught in an armbar that looks way tight. Ok he pulls out and Guerreiro gives it up. Guerreiro stays on his back and Frodo is throwing big right hands on Guerreiro. Guerreiro threatens with a triangle but Frodos slams his way out of his. From on top, Frodo goes for a heel hook but Guerreiro defends it well. Frodo gives up position again and goes for the inverted heel hook this time and the bell rings. Holy crap that was a super fast paced round.

Fightline gives round 1 to Frodo (10-9)

Round 2 The meet in the center of the cage again. High kick by Frodo by nothing on it. Frodo looks a bit tire but still manages to get the TD with a single leg. Frodo passes to half guard. Nice deep half sweep by Guerreiro but Frodo stays on top. Frodo stays in half guard and threatens with a arm triangle. He passes Guerreiros half guard and it looks real tight. Guerreiro is holding on and looks relaxed but then there’s the tap. Guerreiro couldn’t hold on much longer and was forced to tap.

Official Results: Frodo Khasbulaev defeats Fabricio Guerreiro by arm triangle at 1:15 of round 2

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Alexandre Bezerra vs Genair DaSilva
Round 1 They tap gloves and it’s time to scrap. This bout is Brazil vs. Brazil. Quick exchange and nothing. DaSilva shoots and nothing. Bezerra land a stiff job and actually drops DaSilva to his kness. Bezerra jumps on DaSilva’s back he’s got both hooks in but DaSilva remains on his feet. DaSilva peels Bezerra off and lands on top of him. Bezerra receives a few hammer fists while going for the arm, using one of DaSilva’s leg to pivot and sinks in a deep armabar, DaSilva goes belly down and taps. Freakin’ A, that was fast.

Official Results: Alexandre Bezerra defeats Genair DaSilva by submission (armbar) at 1:40 in the 1st round.

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson
Round 1 I’m excited as hell to see Richman back. Let’s see what he can do. They meet in the middle with a few jabs thrown by Richman. Jackson shoots and Richman blocks it easily. Stiff right by Jackson that connects. Richman lands a right hook over Jacksons jabs and drops Jackson with it. Jackson got back up quick though. More of a flash knock down. Richman is pressing more now. Straight left by Richman has Jackson on rubber legs. Jackson keeps getting up after every knock down, which there’s been 3 of now. Again he goes down and this time Richman jumps in Jackson’s guard. Very clean striking by Richman, it looks like both fighter are bleeding now. Jackson from his right eye an I can’t tell where Richman is bleeding from. Ok the ref stands them up and Richman has blood and what looks like a mouse under his right eye. High kick by Jackson but blocked. Richman has Jackson near the fence and back peddling. High left high kick by Richman and down goes Jackson again!! This time he looks hurt bad. Jackson’s is trying to hold and tie Richman up in his half guard with no luck, his arms go limp and the ref jumps in. I have been waiting for months for Richman to make his return and I gotta say I’m definitely satisfied with his performance.

Official Results: Mike Richman defeats Mitch Jackson by TKO (left high kick) at 4:5 of round 1

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout
Marlon Sandro vs. Akop Stepenyan
Round 1 Fight! They meet in the center and Sandro lands first with a low leg kick. Sandro shoots by is way slow and Akop moves out the of the way easily. Spinning heel that goes over Sandros head. Very close. Sandro shoots and get’s Akops back on the feet and pressed against the fence. Sandro pulls Akop away but Akop holds the fence and warned by the ref. The separate and back to the middle of the cage. Akop is throwing a lot of kick with a lot of power. Nice right hand by Akop, it looks like his striking is more technical than Sandros. Another spinning back kick. Sandro engages and is met with a flying knee that barely grazed his chin. Sandro looks a bit slow after another shot and miss. This is a close round but I think Akop is winning it. Nice kick right hand combo by Akop. Sandro shoots again and presses Akop against the fence and this time lifts him in the air and drops him in the center of the cage. Bell rings, that might have won the round for Sandro. Very close round though.

Fightline gives round 1 to Sandro (10-9)

Round 2 Good right hand by Akop that misses but Sandro is weary of it now. Another one and that one landed, landing at will now, he has Sandro in trouble. Sandro clinches and is taken down by Akop. Sandro attempts a deep half sweep but Akop pulls out and stands up. The ref steps in to stand them up. High kick by Sandro, but with not much behind it. Akop looks very comfortable on the feet, at times it’s almost like he’s show boating a bit. Oohh nasty body kick by Akop, Sandro took it well. Another high kick by Akop, blocked by Sandro. Sandro lunges in and is met with another spinning kick to the body. Sandro catches the leg but Akop escapes well. Another body kick by Akop. Even though Sandro scarcely blinks after each body kick, you can tell they’re taking their toll. Nice 1-2 by Akop lands clean. Sandro shoots looking for a singl and gets Akops back on the feet against the fence. Sandro drops for a leg lock and Akop doesn’t look concerned. He elects to wait for the bell and there it is. Round over.

Fightline gives round 2 to Akop (10-9)

Round 3 Before the round starts, the ref deducts a point before the round starts. I have no clue why the hell he did that. Another spinning back kick misses as Sandro ducks it. Sandro shoots in and get’s the TD using a slick single leg and he lands in Akops half guard. Sandro landing a few body shots to get Akop to release his head. The ref stands them up. Inside kick from Akop. Another spinning back kick, Sandro reads it and ducks under for a single leg TD. Closed guard by Akop. It looks like Akop is trying to stall to get the fight back on the feet. To Sandro’s credit, he’s staying busy with body shots and mini slams. Every time he slams Akop, he’s scooting him over to his own corner. The ref warns Sandro to keep working, it looks like he’s diligently working from my POV. Sandro postures and lands nothing. The bell sounds and round over. Depending on how the judges have it, we may have a sudden death round. Stand by..

Fightline gives round 3 to Sandro (10-9)

Official Results: Marlon Sandro defeats Akop Stepenyan by majority decision (28-28, and two 29-27)

Main event time ya’ll!!!

Bellator Middleweight Title Fight
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Maiquel Falcao
Round 1 They meet in the middle and a quick exchange, it looks like no one got through there. They swing some more and nothing connecting clearly. Falcao shoots and gets back control on the feet and on the fence. Shlemenko turns into him and gets off the fence. Back to the middle they go. Falcao is swinging hard, Shlemenko is taking it well. Shlemenko comes back with a clinch of his own and using a slick outside trip, he takes Falcao down and lands in his guard. The ref stands them relatively quick. Spinning back kick misses by Shlemenko. Every time Shlemenko throws, Falcao tries to throw as well, almost as if he’s trying to beat Shlemenko to the punch. They clinch again and Falcao goes for a throw where Shlemenko landed on top. They pop back up and they’re in a clinch up against the fence. It looks like Falcao wants the TD but he’s not really going for it. Falcao backs up but they clinch again. Nice inside elbow from Shlemenko. They break again and that’s it. Round over.

Fightline gives round 1 to Falcao (10-9)

Round 2 They take the center of the cage again, and now Falcao is throwing a bit more.A quick kick right hand combo by Shlemenko lands clean but with not much power behind it. Another spinning back kick by Shlemenko as he presses Falcao back. They’re in a clinch again, this time not against the fence. They break and they get close, Shlemenko lands an over hand right. Nice stright right by Falcao. They start to throw down and Shlemenko gets the better of it. Shlemenko is pressing hard and had Falcao against the fence. Falcao looks slow. Shlemenko throws a spinning back kick again that looks like it missed but Falcao drops on his own and Shlemenko pounces on him. Shlemenko is standing above Falcao as he grabs Falcaos legs. Shlemenko land two heavy and nasty punches and Falcao is totally out!!! Replays show Shlemenko’s body shots were hurting Falcao. When Shlemenko was standing over Falcao, he threw a straight left down the middle and it landed clean. Falcao winced and momentarily dropped his hands to hold his gut and Shlemenko capitalized on it and landed two wide punches, one right then a left and that put Falcao to sleep quick! Damn that was bad.

Official Results: Alexander Shlemenko defeats Maiquel Falcao by KO at 2:18 of round 2.

A brief interview with Shlemenko shows he’s happy to win the title and he basically called out all the middleweights in Bellator. Damn that was pretty sick.

Ok guys that’ll do. Thanks for joining us tonight. Make sure you come back next week for Bellator89. See ya then! Peace!