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Josh Barnett, UFC Unable To Reach A Deal

Almost a month after Strikeforce closed and several rumors, it has been revealed that Josh Barnett will not return to the UFC after declining the most recent contract. The news comes a week after UFC president Dana White said the two sides were negotiating.

“We agreed on guaranteed compensation,” said Barnett’s manager Leland LaBarre to MMA Fighting. “In fact, we never even countered. We accepted their original offer. There are some outlying issues, one in particular, that as of this point we were unable to agree on.”

Labarre would not comment on what the issue was.

Barnett went 3-1 under the UFC name from 2000-2002. In his final fight, he won the heavyweight championship and was released after testing positive for steroids post-fight.

The UFC declined to comment on the latest developments.