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CNN Interviews Mother Who Allows Son To Compete In MMA

Bernadette Thome is the mother of Aidan, a youth who competes in MMA. Both were recently interviewed on Raising America with Kyra Phillips, a program that airs on CNN.

Phillips stated that 3.2 million kids under the age of 13 are currently involved in cage fighting. She asked Aidan why he decided to get involved in the sport.

“Because I can defend myself if someone tries to hurt me,” the youngster said. When Phillips asked what his favorite move was, Aiden replied, “the guillotine,” which shocked the host when he explained the move.

Bernadette explained that she allows her son to compete in MMA because “I feel like it’s just like any other sport. He enjoys it, he’s good at it, and he excels at it. No sport is exempt from injuries.”

While trying to explain to Phillips that it isn’t just about two people entering a cage and looking for blood, Thome said, “a lot of people from the outside world don’t understand the complete, the whole martial arts. It’s about respect, discipline. These are all qualities Aidan can take with him the rest of his life. I’ve never had any problems with Aidan in school.”

ESPN The Magazine also recently did a feature story on kids competing in MMA.

You can check out the complete interview in the video below: