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Randy Couture, Anthony Pettis, World Series Of Fighting: The Morning News Roundup – 2.5.13

You’ve got to love it when a new promotion comes onto the scene and makes waves. Not because they have a shot at usurping the UFC as the top dog (they never do) or that they’ll be around longer than a year or two (they usually never last that long), but because their mere presence gives fans and fighters more options. For fans, it’s another chance to see more fights of the non-Octagon variety. Meanwhile, for fighters it’s an opportunity to get paid when there’s no room for them on the Zuffa roster. As long as you’re not an employee of the fledgling organization, counting on it to be a major contributor to your 401K, new MMA promotions are fantastic. Oh, by the way, the World Series of Fighting has their second show scheduled. The news!

• According to the good folks at MMAFighting, the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) has inked a three-year deal with NBC. Sherdog’s got the deets on their next show, which will take place in Atlantic City on March 23.

• Who’s next for UFC featherweight god Jose Aldo? Striker supreme Anthony Pettis, apparently, who will be cutting down from lightweight to get the chance to jump off the cage and kick Aldo in the face.

• Erstwhile UFC star Randy Couture and SpikeTV will be hosting a media conference call today at 2pm EST. Expect some color on what Couture’s new role will be, and then lots of discussion on Twitter about how much Dana White hates “The Natural”.