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UFC 156: Chico Camus Vs. Dustin Kimura

Chico Camus vs. Dustin Kimura

Our second Facebook prelim will take place at a catch-weight, as Chico Camus (12-3) meets Dustin Kimura (9-0). Kimura missed weight on Friday. Herb Dean is the referee in charge.

Round 1: Camus comes in and catches Kimura with a straight right that sends him to the fence. Kimura fires back with his own right that stops Camus for a brief moment. Takedown by Camus is successful, as he moves into guard. Kimura throws up his legs for a triangle, as has him tied up tight. Camus gets free, though, but gets his arm stuck and Kimura has him tied up on the ground again. Camus pushes him to the fence and tried to stand up, but Kimura has his arm stuck in a nasty position. Sweep by Kimura and he is now on top, and takes the back. Camus able to get back to top position because of his strength. Not much offense over the final minute.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kimura

Round 2: The end of the first is carrying over into the second, as both fighters are really concerned with the other. Neither making much of a move to get to close, testing the range and working for an opening. Kimura gets inside and lands a nice combo. Quick right hand connects by Kimura, who appears to have the timing figured out. Counter left by Kimura, and Camus shoots for a takedown. Camus has him up against the fence, but is unable to do any damage. Quick single-leg takedown scores by Camus, but Kimura slips over and nearly locks in an armbar. Camus powers out, but Kimura goes for another triangle but is saved by the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kimura

Round 3: Camus goes for a takedown right off the bat, but is unable to get it. Nice combo by Camus, who gets the takedown but gives up his back to a quick Kimura. The Hawaiian youngster slips to the back and slides in a rear-naked choke, as Camus quickly taps out.

Dustin Kimura def. Chico Camus via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:50 of Round 3