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Dana White Happy To Never Have To Deal With Randy Couture Again

UFC president Dana White made a few final remarks concerning former UFC champion Randy Couture Thursday following media day for UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar. Couture is expected to sign a deal with Bellator and Spike TV on Tuesday to help with their upcoming reality series.

Many have questioned why Couture would leave the UFC for Bellator, but White wanted to make things very clear while he had the opportunity.

“I’ll say my piece on Randy Couture and after (Thursday), I’ll never mention him again,” White said. “He doesn’t even finish his contract. He’s got one more fight left, and he bails on the contract to go do (Bellator). Randy Couture has this ‘Captain America’ image and stuff like that, but he is not a good guy. He has never been a good guy.”

White said it took him several years to get close to Couture again after he left the UFC while still competing as the heavyweight champion. The UFC boss added, “I’m actually, and I mean this, I couldn’t meant it anymore, I am happy that he went there. I never have to deal with Randy Couture ever again.”

A conference call is scheduled for Tuesday with Couture, Bellator and Viacom officials all expected to attend and announce term of the deal.