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Bellator87 Results: David Rickels Vs. Lloyd Woodard

Main event time ya’ll!!

Lightweight Quarterfinal Bout
David Rickels vs. Lloyd Woodard

Round 1: Yikes, no glove touch. It’s about get crackin’!! Woodard walks forward pushing Rickels back. A kick by Woodard lands but falls and Rickels attacks. But Woodard is able to get back up and into a clinch with Rickels. Woodard pushes Rickels into the fence and almost has his back. In fact Woodard has one hook it, but Rickels turns into him and gets that hook off. However Woodard still has Rickels’ back and lands a decent back suplex. Rickels gets to his knees and Woodard gets Rickels back with both hooks in. This looks bad for Rickels. Rickels defends the rear naked choke well. From the back, Woodard goes for the twister but loses position and lands on top inside Rickels open guard. Rickesl attempts a triangle off of his back, Woodard lifts him up and slams him down to get out of it. Back to open guard and Woodard passes Rickels guard rather easily. Rickels gets full guard back. Woodard postures and dives in with a nice right hand that looked partially blocked. Rickels goes for the armbar!! Oh Woodards gets out quickly. Crazy scrambles going on, lots of ground action. Rickesl on his back in half guard goes for a heel hook and now he’s stuck in a straight foot lock by Woodard. They’re playing footsie the ground where Woodard goes for a knee bar, but slips out and gets top position. Another scramble and Rickels stay on top. He stands and the round ends. Tough round to score.

Fightline gives round 1 to Lloyd Woodard

Round 2: They start throwing hard to start round 2 off. Rickels is moving forward, it appears as if Woodard is a bit tired. Rickels throws and lands a nice right hand, then a left hook. Rickesl fakes a shot and initiates a clinch up against the fence where Rickels lands a few knees. They break and back to the center of the cage they go. These guys are swinging, not technically, but swinging. Rickels goes for a front kick and gets jabbed in the process and falls to his ass. A tired Woodard pounces on him and rests for a few seconds in Rickels guard. Rickels goes for an armbar and it looks deep but Woodard manages to power out of it while keeping top position. Woodard tries to pass but lands in Rickels half guard. Rickels basically pushes Woodard off of him and gets back to his feet. They stay in the clinch against the fence with Woodard’s back against it. Woodard lunges with a knee but and Rickels avoids it easily. Rickels goes in for the 1-2 that lands well and a lands a quick body shot that seemed to have hurt Woodard. Woodard shoots and gets the double and lands in Rickels half guard again. Rickels momentarily threatens with a kimura but nothing on it. Butterfly guard by Rickels, he pushes Woodard off then lands a nice up kick that Woodard takes well. Woodard dives back into Rickels guard and the round ends.

Fightline gives round 2 to Rickels (10-9)

Round 3: Final round you guys. A fake head kick does nothing. Woodard looks real tired, he stayed on his stool until the bell rang. Rickels is landing a few kick, pretty hard kick and Woodard doesn’t check. Woodard pushes forward and gets stung by a nice 1-2. Woodard plays it off by waving him in. Rickels is cautiously attacking and lands another right hand, with a little less pop in it. Again Woodard lunges in with a jumping knee and eats a right hand the awakens the crowd a bit. Rickels seems to have found a formula that’s working, a simple 1-2. Every time he’s thrown it in this round, he’s landed it. They exchange a few more kicks but they look sloppy. Once more Woodard pushes forward and gets caught with the same 1-2. Rickels goes for a jab to the gut and the right on top and lands it. Rickels is picking Woodard apart with his boxing this round. Woodard is moving backwards a lot and Rickels lands another right hand, causing Woodard to reach for a clinch. Woodard drops for a single leg, gets it but lands in a guillotine. Nothing there, Woodard gets out easliy. Rickels threatens with a triangle but Woodard gets out of it, it didn’t look too deep to begin with. The round ends with Woodard on top.

Fightline gives round 3 to Rickels (10-9)

Official Results: David Rickels defeats Lloyd Woodard by unanimous decision. All three judges have it (29-28) for Rickels