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Bellator87 Results: Ricardo Tirloni Vs. Will Brooks

Lightweight Quarterfinal Bout
Ricardo Tirloni vs. Will Brooks

Round 1: Tap of the gloves and they start throwing. Brooks looks like he the bigger Lightweight. Nice exchange, Brooks gets the better of it. Tirloni shoots in on a single, fights for it and gets it. Brooks doing s nice job of keep Tirloni from mounting him. Brooks gets back up and takes Tirloni down. Not sure if that’s a good idea considering Tirlonis experience but it’s looking good for him now. Tirloni closes guard and as soon as he opens it Brooks postures and lands a few rights. Tirloni threatens with a triangle that Brooks escapes. Tirloni is going for it again and again Brooks gets out. Jumping right hand and back into Tirlonis guard he goes. Brooks postures a bit more a swings some nice right hands but Tirloni does a nice job of avoiding them. Brooks ends the round on top and throwing, but missing, some nice right hands.

Fightline gives round 1 to Brooks (10-9)

Round 2: They meet in the center of the Miller Light logo and again they’re letting the leather fly, although not in a sloppy fashion. Brooks shoots in and after driving nicely, gets the take down with Tirlonis head up against the fence. Brooks is now working from inside Tirlonis open guard. Not much damage being done by Brooks but Tirloni isn’t doing much either. Brooks postures and lands a punch or two, but then lets Tirloni get back up for some reason. A little shocked but the way he took Tirloni down beofre, I get the impression he can now take Tirloni down at will. Which he does, only to get stuck in a guillotine that doesn’t look tight enough. Brooks defends it well and gets out of it. Brooks is pressing his head into Tirlonis face up against the fence. Again, Brooks stands in an attempt to pass Tirlonis guard but Tirloni threatens with a knee bar but Brooks defends it easily. Back to the feet they go. Brooks shoots, gets into a clinch and receives a knee to his compadres for his troubles. The ref gives Brooks the 5 minutes for recovery. As always, the fighter doesn’t take all 5 minutes and time in. It looks like the knee to the family jewels woke Brooks up as he’s on his tows bouncing around, landing a punch or two, but with hands low. Tirloni lands a nice punch they closes the distance for a clinch and they round ends with them up against the fence.

Fightline gives round 2 to Brooks (10-9)

Round 3: Again they meet on top of the Miller Lite logo and exchange a few punches, none of which land. A sloppy head kick by Tirloni but blocked easily. Nice 1-2 by Brooks and it lands perfectly. Tirloni lunges in with a left (telegraphed) misses and Brooks ducks it only to shoot right underneath it and take Tirloni down with a nice knee tap. Brooks has Tirloni on his back against the fence. Tirloni is a sweep from butterfly but Brooks defends it well and lands in Tirlonis open guard again. The pace of this fight has been somewhat high and they’re just now slowing down. Brooks moves to half guard them pops up to land a few punches. Tirloni rolls around to go for a leg lock but Brooks is too far away. So far away, that Tirloni gets back up. They get into another clinch and Tirloni lands a few nice knees, none look bad though. Brooks shoots on a double but takes the single instead and gets it. Tirloni is threatening with a triangle but Brooks is slipping out and gets out. Tirloni stay on his back and the round ends. That was a rough fight you guys. Very “workman” like performance by Brooks.

Fightline gives the 3rd round to Brooks (10-9)

Official Results: Will Brooks defeats Ricardo Tirloni by unanimous decision (30-27) on all cards.