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Bellator 87 Results: Sam Quito Vs. Ben Lagman

Welterweight Feature Bout
Ben Lagman vs. Sam Quito

Round 1: They meet in the center and exchange a few jabs. Quito swings and misses. Lagman looks a bit nervous and shoots in. Lagman lets Quito back up. Classic left hook right body by Lagman lands cleanly on Quitos ribs. Quito tries the same and misses. Wild right hand by Quito but blocks well. Lagman looks like the better strker and lands a spinning back kick to Quitos body and pushes him back. Quito shoots and a nice whizzer by Lagman sends Quito to the bottom and Lagman is on top landing nice punches and elbows. There’s a pretty bad cut on Quito’s scalp/hairline. Ref calls time to check the cut. The doctor says it’s not too bad and they go back to ground. Time in. Quito goes for a knee bar and pars for it as Lagman lands lots of shot. Quitos stays at it and it looks deep. Quito might actually get it. Lagman does a nice job of escaping, with the help of a few heels to Quitos ribs. Another knee bar!! It looks bad, Lagman looks in trouble!! Wtf?? Ref stops the fight claiming Lagman was tapping. It did look like Lagman was in trouble but there’s confusion in the cage as Lagman and his corner. After replays, it did look like Lagmans was in serious pain. Lagman yelled out and it appeared as Lagman lightly tapped Quitos leg (Chael Sonnen style). Could’ve fooled me. It looks like he tapped to me.

Sam Quito defeats Ben Lagman by submission-knee bar at 3:54 of round 1.