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Bellator 87 Results: Thiago Michel Vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

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Main Card
Lightweight Quarterfinal Bout
Thiago Michel vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

Round 1: Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Nice hard left kick by Sarnavskiy, blocked well. Clean 1-2 and Thiago goes down but pops back up quickly. Sarnavskiy didn’t attack for the kill, perhaps a tactical error by “Tiger”. Slow paced fight but nice exchanges. It appears as if Michel is recovering well. Sarnavskiy breifly shot but nothing there. The exchanges continue and it appears as if Sarnavskiy is getting the better of them. Michel not moving enough, you the get the feeling another right of Sarnavskiy will land eventually. Michel is trying to get back into the fight but nothing is connecting on Sarnavskiy. Sarnavskiy catches a kick then lets it go. You can tell Tigers punches are heavier than Michels. This fight hasn’t gone to the ground quite yet. And just as I say that Sarnavskiy catches a kick and down they go. They’re back up in a clinch and this time Michel gets the trip and the takedown and goes the guillotine but time runs out. Didn’t look too serious anyway.

Fightline gives round 1 to Sarnavskiy (10-9)

Round 2: Sarnavskiy is throwing that right hand with bad intentions. Sarnavskiy shoots but Michel is fighting it well and they’re still fighting for position against the fence. Back up they go, still in the clinch and still up against the fence. Sarnavskiy quickly drops for the single but nothing there. Different kind of fight this round but it looks like Sarnavskiy wants this on the ground and finally gets the take down. Michel is attempting to get back up and he does momentarily. Sarnavskiy takes Michel down again and is trying to get Michel’s back. He’s got Michels back now and with one hook in and there’s the second hook. Michel is fighting off a rear naked choke and does so with the two on one. It looks deep and it’s sinking underneath the chin and there’s the tap.

Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Thiago Michel by rear naked choke at 3:43 of Round 2.