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Dana White: “Dirty, Sleazy, Gangster” Stuff Preventing UFC In New York

UFC president Dana White lives and does most of his work in Las Vegas, which is also known as “Sin City.” However, White feels as though the way MMA is treated in New York is more of a sin.

The UFC, and other MMA promotions, have been working hard to get the sport legalized in New York. White has promised in the past to put together a blockbuster card for New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

During a recent extended interview with UFC Tonight, White sounded off on the relationship between the New York Culinary Union and the one in Las Vegas.

“It’s amazing what dirty, stinking, gangsters their culinary union from Las Vegas is. They are the scummiest group of people you could ever even imagine dealing with, and they are very powerful,” White said. “The corruption that is going over there is mind boggling.”

White went on to say how shocked he was that “this would be possible in 2013. It’s like a movie. You’re talking dirty, sleazy, gangster stuff.”

Despite the best efforts of others to keep the UFC from reaching MSG, White said the arena “has been phenomenal in supporting us and bringing this event to New York. The fans in New York have been phenomenal in supporting us. There is no reason that this shouldn’t be in New York apart from the dirty, gangster, criminal stuff that is going on between the Las Vegas Culinary Union and officials in New York.”