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Dana White Details His Beef With Justin Timberlake

UFC president Dana White doesn’t really think about what he says. If it’s on his mind, White will speak it.

During a recent interview, White made it known that he doesn’t take too kindly to Justin Timberlake, a world-famous musician and actor. White recalled an incident backstage at the Nickelodeon Awards in Los Angeles involving his kids and Timberlake.

However, it appears Timberlake has made amends, as White discussed the situation during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight after being questioned about it by Chael Sonnen.

“Everybody could not have been nicer,” White said, about bringing his kids to the backstage area and meeting the celebrities. “Justin Timberlake pulled a move, I called him on it, and the guy calls me up and says I would never do that in a million years. It was one of the most stand-up things. He didn’t have to do that.

White added that it was a “classy move” on Timberlake’s part to make the call and apologize.