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Randy Couture, Dana White, Chris Weidman: The Morning News Roundup – 1.30.13

You just knew when Randy Couture walked away from the UFC, and the championship belt he held when the SEG-owned organization couldn’t pay him back in 1998, that he’d be trouble. He was always a problem child, a rabble-rouser, a pain in the ass when it came to wanting to be compensated fairly and fighting the best in the world (see: his multiple retirements and desire to face Fedor Emelianenko). So it should come as no surprise that in the coming epic conflict between the UFC and Bellator/SpikeTV, “The Natural” would take sides with the one who offered him a multi-year contract for television appearances and a coaching gig on a new reality show. For shame, Couture! For shame!

• Yeah, so Couture has signed on to be a part of the upcoming Bellator reality TV show. You can bet that’s left certain people in the Zuffa back office pretty peeved.

• Speaking of peeved people, here’s Dana White calling Bellator’s attorney a moron. Or a liar. Either one works.

• Despite his roiling emotions, White is still in the business of making fights, and it sounds like he’s making one many of us want to see.

• Here’s an audio interview with acclaimed MMA documentarian Bobby Razak. Odds are, you’ve seen clips of his stuff and didn’t even realize it.