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Kenny Florian Bothered By Anderson Silva’s “Opponent Picking”

Former UFC contender Kenny Florian didn’t hold back when Anderson Silva came up and his rumored decision to not want a fight with Chris Weidman. Florian, an analyst on UFC Tonight, believes the UFC middleweight champion needs to step up and take on Weidman.

“This is my problem. I give Anderson Silva a pass for pretty much anything. But when he starts calling out guys like Luke Rockhold and Cung Le and you’re saying you want big name fighters, those guys are maybe at the same level as far as name recognition,” Florian said. “I believe Chris Weidman is just a bad style matchup for Anderson Silva and that’s why he’s being avoided. If you’re calling out those guys, you better include Chris Weidman.”

Weidman has said much the same in several interviews, believing that Silva doesn’t want to face him inside the Octagon. “The Spider” has not said much regarding the matter, leaving his managerial team to do that.