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Matt Serra – Sean Sherk Or Bust

A lot has happened since UFC 119, which took place in September of 2010. Brock Lesnar was still the heavyweight champion, not to mention still competing in mixed martial arts, the ascension of Jon Jones had not begun, Strikeforce was still its own entity, and the WEC had yet to be folded into the UFC.

Yet there is one man who competed on that September night that has watched the landscape of the sport he helped build change from the sidelines, Matt Serra.

Rebellion media recently caught up with “The Terror,” and it seems that the New Yorker may be out of the game. The former champion stated, “I’m 38, I could’ve had my last day in there. It’s looking very possible.” He continued, “it’s about motivation now. I’ve got kids, a wife, I’m having a good time with them. I’ve got two schools, constantly doing seminars, I’m always teaching. I’m happy.”

It would seem Serra has no interest in continuing the recent trend that has seen his contemporaries, a la B.J. Penn, “Shogun” Rua, and “Rampage” Jackson, be put out to pasture against young, hungry opposition on Fox. Serra, who has become a realist with age, explained, “I think about fighting young bucks looking to make their name off me, it doesn’t get my nipples hard. These young guys are tough as shit, but there’s not really any upside to beating them.”

Ironically, the man who holds what is quite possibly the greatest upset in MMA history, a UFC 69 knockout over Georges St-Pierre, turns out to be a sucker for a narrative. For Matt Serra to return to the cage, the fight will need just that. “I like my fights to be like a comic book,” he said, “Me and Trigg was exciting because I knew him when we were both coming up at the same time,” the longtime veteran recalled his final octagon victory.

One surprising match-up of note that interests the former title holder is another man who has not competed since that very UFC event that saw “The Terror” step in the cage for the final time, Sean Sherk. “Sherk would be right up there too. He’s a former champ, he’s been around forever.”

Matt continued, “I was reading an interview with Sean Sherk, he’s been out as long as me, he’s had injuries. He brought up that we started at around the same time and we both got to titles in our weight classes. We’re around the same size, definitely the same height. He thought it sounded like a good fight, so did I… that could be a nice last fight for me.”