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Cung Le Responds To Anderson Silva’s Challenge For A Fight

Cung Le was pleasantly surprised when middleweight champion Anderson Silva expressed interest in a potential encounter between the two.

“If the UFC wants the fight, then, you know, after our discussion, I am totally open for it,” said Le on The MMA Hour. “I didn’t do any campaigning. My name got thrown in the mix and I’m honored, so whatever happens from here is going to be up to Anderson and up to the UFC.”

After competing for just Strikeforce, Le joined the UFC in 2011. After a failed first outing, he has comeback with a pair of wins in 2012. Silva has yet to be stopped in the UFC and is currently negotiating a new contract.

Now at age 40, Le said he would need proper time to train with a full fight camp.

“For me, I open to it and I’m excited to hear that my name is in the mix,” said Le.