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Anderson Silva, UFC Still At Crossroads For Determining Next Challenger

There is no named contender to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva yet. And it’s not for a lack of interested parties.

Chris Weidman has been pushing for a shot at Silva since defeating Mark Munoz this past summer. However, according to UFC president Dana White, Silva and manager Ed Soares appear uninterested in such a bout.

“This is typical Anderson Silva-Ed Soares craziness,” White said. “Every (expletive) time there’s a fight, he wants to fight ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson. Then, he wants to fight this guy and that guy. It’s always the same deal.”

Weidman and his manager recently talked with the UFC and made sure it was clear they would accept a bout with Silva. It seemed as though Silva would meet Georges St-Pierre in his next bout, but GSP signed to face Nick Diaz instead.

“We’re waiting on something and want to see if this thing pans out,” White said. “When we’re ready to announce it, we’ll announce it. (Silva) will defend his title, but it won’t be a super-fight.”