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“UFC On Fox: Johnson Vs. Dodson” Results

Welcome to FightLine’s live coverage of UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Now, on to the action! Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard.


Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

We begin an evening of action in the welterweight division, with Simeon Thoresen (17-3-1) taking on David Mitchell (11-2). The referee in charge will be Herb Dean.

Round 1: Mitchell on the attack, but eats a nice left jab from Thoresen. Mitchell looking to use his jab from an awkward angle, and does, connecting himself. Inside leg kick lands from Thoresen. Mitchell counters a kick and connects, adding some nice uppercuts from inside the clinch. Another right lands by Mitchell, as both fighters appear set to stand and trade instead of going to the ground. Thoresen lands, and Mitchell answers back. Inside leg kick takes Mitchell down for a brief second. Thoresen counters and lands flush with a left, and is on the attack, pushing forward. Thoresen has Mitchell caught, and hits a combo. Mitchell comes out firing, landing himself a pair of strikes. Thoresen with a counter again, and Mitchell hits an uppercut. Mitchell peppering the body inside the clinch, and tees off with a big hook.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mitchell

Round 2: Mitchell coming right out, but Thoresen nearly hits a knee. Mitchell now attacking again, knocking Thoresen down with several shots. Mitchell takes the back, locks in a hook and is looking for a rear-naked choke. Thoresen doing a great job of trying to slip out, and Mitchell gives up on the back and Thoresen goes to guard position. Mitchell hammering down with some big rights as the blood continues to pour from Thoresen’s face. Mitchell remains in control, and drops back for a leglock attempt. Mitchell figure-fours the left leg, looking for a heel hook, but gives it up. Thoresen gains the advantage, taking Mitchell to his back. Mitchell answers, looking for a choke from his back, but is unable to get it. Thoresen goes for a leg, but Mitchell gains the advantage.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mitchell

Round 3: The cageside doctor is looking at the left eye of Thoresen, and Herb Dean is over, as well. A brief discussion between the doctor and Dean, and it sounds like there is a cut to the eyelid of Thoresen. The doctor informs Dean he is close to calling it due to the eye issue, but we are going to continue on. Mitchell comes right out and fires a hook at the eye area of Thoresen, now working the body. Mitchell lands a huge right, but Thoresen walks through it and remains upright, firing a big head kick. Another quick jab lands by Mitchell, as does a combo. Thoresen drops down, looking for a submission, but Mitchell gains the advantage and Thoresen gets back to his feet. Thoresen catches Mitchell coming in, but answers with a pair of uppercuts. A left from Thoresen, and Mitchell goes to the dirty boxing again to regain the advantage. Inside leg kick by Thoresen, and Mitchell shoots for the takedown. Mitchell going for a triangle, while also connecting to the damaged eye of Thoresen. Well, the stream cut off as it reached time for the FX-televised prelims to start. That’s a first, which is weird because it was the lone fight scheduled.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mitchell

David Mitchell def. Simeon Thoresen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Rafael Natal vs. Sean Spencer

The FX-televised prelims begin in the middleweight ranks, as Rafael Natal (14-4-1) battles Sean Spencer (9-1). Robert Madrigal will be the referee.

Round 1: Spencer waiting no time to take the action to Natal, gaining control of the Octagon. Stiff jab from Natal, and Spencer takes a poke to the eye. It was a nasty poke, and the doctor is checking it out. Spencer lands a power right, and Natal seems unsure how to attack the quicker Spencer, who is catching all his kicks. Natal finally lands a nice leg kick to Spencer’s lead leg, as he continues to switch up stances. Spinning back kick from Natal is followed up with a strike combo. Hook floors Natal, but he quickly gets back to his feet. Combo lands from Natal, as does a kick to the body. Spencer defends a takedown attempt, remaining upright as we approach a minute. Spencer has a cut now on his forehead, and Natal lands a spinning back fist. Natal gets the takedown and into full-mount with 20 seconds left. Natal firing away on Spencer, likely securing himself a round he was behind on until the end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Natal

Round 2: Power kick lands to the body of Spencer, and Spencer comes back with his own quick feet and a right hand. Side kick by Natal, who shoots in and gets a takedown and into complete control on the ground. Spencer backs to the fence quickly, but Natal pulls him back. Spencer, though, gets to his feet and avoids any damage from Natal. Pair of knees from Natal, as Spencer works to fight off the takedown. Natal gets double under hooks and trips Spencer to the mat with two minutes left in the round. Not much advancement on either part on the ground, though Natal now breaks free and is working some ground-and-pound. Natal slips to the back of Spencer with 40 seconds left, hammering away while locking in a choke, but Spencer hangs on.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Natal

Round 3: Spencer has barely survived the end of both rounds, and his corner let him know he needs a finish to win. Natal shoots, and Spencer fends it off. A much slower Spencer gets taken down this time by Natal, who is in side control and in a strong position. Natal locks an arm up and is hammering away on the head of Spencer. Spencer trying to get free, but Natal has him locked up pretty tightly. Elbows being fired down by Natal, and Natal is unable to get an arm submission. Arm triangle attempt now by Natal, and that is it, as Natal gets the submission.

Rafael Natal def. Sean Spencer via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:13 of Round 3

Mike Russow vs. Shawn Jordan

The only heavyweight contest on the card tonight features Chicago’s own Mike Russow (15-2) taking on Shawn Jordan (13-4). Both are coming off losses to Fabricio Werdum and Cheick Kongo, respectively. The referee in charge will be Herb Dean.

Round 1: Russow goes right for a takedown, but is unable to get it. Jordan fires off a big strike and a knee, but Russow has him up against the fence. Jordan is able to get off the cage, but Russow starts to unload, hurting Russow with a series of lefts and rights. Russow on hte attack, as Jordan is busted open. Several lefts, rights and knees by Russow, the grappler. Jordan fights off the takedown attempt again, as he tries to get his mind right. Quick right lands by Russow, as he has Jordan up against the fence again. Russow landing with everything, flush, to the face of Jordan. Russow with a bodylock, making Jordan carry his weight. Russow’s striking has looked precise and on point, likely surprising Jordan. Russow gets a takedown, but Jordan rolls and gets to his feet. Jordan throwing tremendously huge uppercuts, but is unable to connect. Jordan finishes off the round with some nice, sharp elbows.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Russow

Round 2: Jordan has found the range, and Russow looks a little tired. Jordan with a right, but lands a poke to the eye of Russow and we have a halt in the action. Jordan throwing some haymakers now, as he is unable to move out of the way. Jordan with a step-in left and Russow goes to his back. Jordan in full-mount with three-plus minutes left, hammering away on his head. Jordan takes the back, lets it go, and is working on peppering the face of Russow. Russow sweeps himself up and out, and is looking for a front-choke. Russow with a knee to the head, and Jordan is able to push Russow up against the fence. Jordan gets a takedown and is unloading with elbows. Jordan has completely turned the match and fires off huge lefts and rights, as Herb Dean is forced to step in. Russow’s face is a bloody, swollen mess.

Shawn Jordan def. Mike Russow via TKO (strikes) at 3:48 of Round 2

Ryan Bader vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

Our first trip to the light heavyweight ranks is next, as Ryan Bader (14-3) faces off with Vladimir Matyushenko (26-6). Both men are coming off losses to top contenders, as Bader was defeated by Lyoto Machida and Matyushenko was bested by Alexander Gustafsson. The third man inside the Octagon will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Matyushenko is the second-oldest active fighter in the UFC at 42 years old. Bader lands a huge left coming in that floors Matyushenko, and Bader pounces, grabbing the head and cranking a choke from the bottom position. Bader is able to lock up a leg in half-guard and tightens the grip, forcing Matyushenko to tap quickly.

Ryan Bader def. Vladimir Matyushenko via submission (guillotine choke) at :50 of Round 1

Mike Stumpf vs. Pascal Krauss

We enter the ranks of the welterweights next, as Mike Stumpf (11-3) faces off with Pascal Krauss (10-1). Herb Dean will be the referee in charge.

Round 1: Stumpf with a loud ovation, as he lives just an hour from the United Center. No separation to start, as they are standing toe-to-toe. Stumpf with a big left jab, and a kick to the lead leg. Hook lands from Stumpf, as does an inside leg kick. Krauss starting to open up a little, and Stumpf lands a big kick again that buckles Krauss for a second. Krauss kicks and Stumpf catches it, and goes for a takedown – which he gets. Stumpf passes guard for a brief moment, then is back into full-guard. Krauss kicks him off an gets up to his feet. Uppercut off a Superman punch courtesy of Krauss connects. Krauss is opening up his offense now, landing several combos and pushing Stumpf up against the fence. Krauss working the left jab to his favor, and two more left jabs connect. A very entertaining first four minutes of action, and Krauss drops Stumpf with a right uppercut.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Krauss

Round 2: Krauss looks to be on his A-game, picking Stumpf apart with kicks and strikes. Stumpf eats a series of lefts and rights. Stumpf needs to make his a brawl or take it to the ground, as Krauss is moving and hitting with ease. Krauss, who has landed over 60 significant strikes, scores a takedown but it is Stumpf who turns the tide and is on top. Stumpf not able to keep Krauss from putting his back against the fence, keeping him from doing any damage. Krauss to his feet, lands a knee inside the clinch. Nasty elbow lands by Krauss, along with some dirty boxing. Stumpf firing back now, and the two are trading lefts and rights. Stumpf shoots, and Krauss locks in a front headlock followed by knees to the body. A knee to the head by Krauss gets through the defense of Stumpf. Krauss holding Stumpf, who is starting to ooze blood from his nose, up against the fence to finish the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Krauss

Round 3: Stumpf not going away, but Krauss answers with precise strikes and a knee to the body. Left jab from Krauss connects, as does a Superman uppercut – something new-looking, but very effective. Krauss has Stumpf stuck up against the fence and tees off again with a short flurry. Overhand right followed by an uppercut from Krauss. Stumpf rocks Krauss a bit with a strike, but Krauss is right back on the attack with two minutes to go. Krauss backs Stumpf up into a corner and lands a combo, followed by doing the same against the fence. With just a minute to go, Stumpf pulls guard, as he needs a finish to earn the win. Stumpf looking to catch an arm or an opening on his back, but Krauss is just patiently keeping active as the clock winds down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Krauss

Pascal Krauss def. Mike Stumpf via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Clay Guida vs. Hatsu Hioki

Next is the featherweight debut of Clay Guida (29-13), who moved down from lightweight after a loss to Gray Maynard last year. He will face Hatsu Hioki (26-5-2), with Robert Madrigal serving as the referee. Hioki was viewed as a top contender to the belt before a loss to Ricardo Lamas.

Round 1: A very loud Guida chant begins to start, as “The Carpenter” is a native of Illinois. A much-more attacking Guida than his previous fight, as he is coming after Hioki. Left slips through the defense of Hioki and lands, and now Hioki is coming after Guida. Hioki catches Guida with an uppercut, as his counter-game has been working perfectly. Superman punch by Guida misses and Hioki lands a right. Guida trying to use his strength, but Hioki quickly gets free and is back striking with precision attacks. Guida drops down and scores a double-leg takedown, much to the delight of the crowd. Hioki in full-guard with 90 seconds left, and Guida powers Hioki up against the fence. Hioki takes the back of Guida for a brief moment, but allows Hioki to free himself and they are back standing, with Hioki landing a nice knee to the head.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Hioki

Round 2: Guida with a combo, but Hioki answers with a quick kick. Guida lands a leg kick, and Hioki flinches, as Guida scores a huge takedown in the center of the Octagon. Hioki grabs the left arm of Guida and is working a kimura, locking his legs around the body of Guida. Hioki transitions to an armbar attempt with three minutes left in the round. Guida is able to free himself, and lands a nice shot off the break. Elbow connects from Guida inside the guard, as does a right hand. Guida trying his best to pass guard, but Hioki isn’t allowing it. While he isn’t in a position to finish, Guida is winning the round right now with a minute left. A left from Guida connects. The ref has seen enough and stands the fighters up with 30 seconds to go. Left jab connects from Hioki. Head kick by Hioki finds its mark to finish the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Guida

Round 3: Hioki counters a charging Guida with a combo to start the final round. Guida sweeps in and scores a takedown. Hioki going for a triangle choke, but Guida powers his way out. Hioki grabs the triangle again, and Guida is attempting to fold him up and break free. Guida gets himself into a more controlling position with two-plus minutes left. Guida, who has seven-plus minutes of ground control, hasn’t really done any damage on the mat. The ref stands them up with 30 seconds left, and Hioki is charging and attacking, but not really landing anything of significance.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Guida

Clay Guida def. Hatsu Hioki via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

TJ Grant vs. Matt Wiman

We finish up the prelim portion of the night in the lightweight division, as TJ Grant (19-5) takes on Matt Wiman (15-6). Both fighters are riding win streaks. The referee will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Wiman using his kicks to keep Grant at bay, and lands a Superman punch. Back to working the inside kicks is Wiman, as Grant clinches and hits a combo. Right hand by Grant gets through, as does a body shot. Wiman lands, but Grant hits a counter that does more noticeable damage. Grant ties up Wiman and hits a knee, while Grant fires off an elbow. Grant is attacking an injured Wiman now, firing off some powerful knees to the body that followed an elbow. Wiman shoots, but Grant stuffs the takedown and takes the back. Grant doing a lot of damage now as Wiman tries to get to his feet. Wiman’s face is no longer looking “Handsome,” as Grant has controlled the latter stages with his offense. Another elbow lands by Grant, who continues to fire off elbows and drops Wiman to the canvas. A few unnecessary strikes follow on the ground, and this one is all over. A pair of standing elbows to the face knocked Wiman down and out.

TJ Grant def. Matt Wiman via KO (elbows) at 4:51 of Round 1


Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas

Welcome to the main card, as we begin in the featherweight division. Erik Koch (13-1), who had a pair of title fights in 2012 with Jose Aldo scrapped due to injuries to both fighters, returns after a year-plus layoff to face Ricardo Lamas (12-2). Lamas, fighting out of Chicago, owns a three-fight win streak, while Koch has picked up four consecutive victories. The referee in charge will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Lamas with a big spinning wheel kick, as the two are trying to find the correct range. Koch throws a head kick of his own, that misses. A quick head kick again thrown by Koch and just barely lands. Lamas fakes a side kick and shoots for the takedown, switching from a double-leg attempt to a single-leg and scoring. Koch pops right back up, but Lamas still has hold of the leg. Lamas back to a double-leg attempt, switches again to a single, but Koch fends it off. Lamas lands a pair of nice knees to the body inside the clinch. Stiff left jab connects from Koch. Lamas gets inside and lands a nice, quick combo, tying up Koch against the fence.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Lamas

Round 2: Left by Koch starts off the round, while Lamas goes back to working the kicks. Koch now countering each leg kick with a right or left jab, keeping Lamas from putting anything together. Lamas slips going for a kick, Koch goes to pounce, but Lamas winds up on top and inside the guard. Lamas posturing up, lands a straight right and a left before connecting with a pair of elbows to the face. Lamas is stacking Koch up and is unloading, including a huge elbow that bloodies Koch’s face. Lamas firing off with lefts, rights and elbows, and this one is all over. We likely have a new No. 1 contender in the featherweight division.

Ricardo Lamas def. Erik Koch via TKO (strikes) at 2:32 of Round 2

Anthony Pettis vs. Donald Cerrone

An interesting lightweight tilt is up next, as rivals Anthony Pettis (13-2) and Donald Cerrone (19-4) finally lock horns. Pettis, the final WEC lightweight champion, returns after nearly a year on the sidelines following surgery. Robert Madrigal is the referee for this one.

Round 1: Cerrone looks to touch gloves, and Pettis will have none of it. Pettis fires off a right that connects to the chin of Cerrone, and Cerrone fires off a combo that knocks Pettis up against the fence. Cerrone with a knee as Pettis goes for a spinning kick. Cerrone with a kick, and Pettis lands a counter right. Pettis with a combo as he gets inside and close. Straight right from Pettis hits, as does a straight left. Two kicks to the body have Cerrone hurt, as does the knee to the body, and Pettis pushes himself off the cage for another kick. Pettis lands another kick right to the liver, and this one is over. Cerrone collapses to the ground and the ref steps in.

Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone via TKO (kick, strikes) at 2:35 of Round 1

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira

It’s time for the co-main event, as former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (32-10) takes on Glover Teixeira (19-2). This is the final fight on Jackson’s UFC contract, and he has made it known that his future is not inside the Octagon. The referee will be Herb Dean.

Round 1: No touch of gloves and the two come out swinging. Body shot by Teixeira lands, as does a heavy right. Jackson throws a leg kick to the lead leg of Teixeira. Teixeira drops and gets a takedown, going to the back with a pair of hooks in. Teixeira landing some big shots and Teixeira is looking to score with an arm triangle choke. Teixeira has both hooks still in, and very deep, and is landing some big rights to the head. Jackson pops up and gets out, and fires away at Teixeira. Jackson with a combo, followed by a leg kick. Head kick by Teixeira lands, but just a glancing blow. Jackson with a stiff left and an uppercut. Jackson counters with a left hook, and does again after Teixeira comes in too high. Exchange of jabs, and Teixeira has some blood on top of his nose. Left hook gets through defense of Teixeira, who throws a kick. Jackson goes for a takedown, but eats a huge right for his efforts. Left hook by Teixeira has Jackson wobbled, and Teixeira is going on the attack. Teixeira drops Jackson and goes for the finish, but Jackson gets to his feet. Just 30 seconds left, and Jackson is trying to survive, throwing big punches at Teixeira.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Teixeira

Round 2: Jackson gets takedown down right off the bat, and Teixeira goes to side-mount. Jackson trying to tie him up to force a stand-up, but Teixeira having his way right now. Jackson gets to his feet and looks ready to throw. Jackson gets inside the clinch and unloads a series of uppercuts, but Teixeira comes right back and lands a huge right of his own. Left hook lands by Teixeira, and some swelling is forming under the eye of Jackson due to a cut. Teixeira cutting off the Octagon and teeing off with his left, followed by an overhand right. Pair of big uppercuts get through by Teixeira. Kick to the body by Teixeira, and Jackson kind of taunts him. Teixeira taunts back, and they exchange as we go under a minute. Teixeira switches levels and goes to the body, landing a smooth combo. Flurry by Jackson, but Teixeira just shakes his head and attacks.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Teixeira

Round 3: Jackson knows he is down, and he is anxious to get going. Jackson comes right out, on the attack, throwing heavy lefts and rights. Jackson with a kick to the body, followed by a flurry. Another flurry by Jackson, but Teixeira just shakes his head and laughs. Teixeira drops and scores with a single-leg takedown. Teixeira lets Jackson get up, but makes him pay. Jackson now moving forward, throwing wild strikes and going for a takedown. Jackson is trying to get that extra bounce in his step as we approach the two-minute mark. Teixeira lands with a left hook, and Jackson throws a massive uppercut. Head kick by Teixeira lands, but not a lot of power behind it. Teixeira with another takedown, but Jackson stands back up. Teixeira with a hook to the body and a knee, but Jackson looks exhausted and out of it. Jackson fires off an uppercut. Teixeira gets a sixth takedown for good measure and moves to the mount, looking to finish with 20 seconds left. Teixeira finishes strong, and Jackson offers him a hug after the bell sounds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Teixeira

Glover Teixeira def. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. John Dodson for the UFC flyweight championship

It’s time for the main event, and the first UFC title fight of 2013. Demetrious Johnson (16-2-1) puts his belt on the line against former Ultimate Fighter winner John Dodson (14-5). The referee will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: I’ll do my best to keep up with all the action, as these two are a pair of the quickest fighters in all of MMA. Swift kick to the body by Dodson to start. Dodson looking to counter the inside leg kick with a power left. Johnson comes in, and Dodson connects, dropping Johnson for a brief moment. Head kick attempt by Johnson and Dodson catches it, throwing the champ to the canvas. Johnson catches Dodson, and the challenger smiles. The second Johnson strike doesn’t get a smile, though, and Dodson moves out of the way. Johnson has been unable to land with much so far three minutes into this contest. Johnson pins Dodson up, and as he chases, Dodson counters. Johnson goes for a double-leg takedown, and Dodson balances his body to stay upright, but Johnson doesn’t give up and gets the takedown. Dodson gets up and eats a right for his effort.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 2: Dodson firing with a lot of power here to start, landing lefts, rights and knees. Johnson powers his way into the clinch, dropping down and getting a takedown. Dodson catches Johnson with another counter, and drops him with a left. Body kick connects by Dodson, who catches Johnson again with a left that sends him flying. Johnson is breathing heavily, and Dodson is looking to finish it. Dodson counters again, sending Johnson flying back with another huge left. Each time Johnson comes in with a kick, Dodson is there to counter. Massive overhand left just misses by Dodson. Another left hook to the back of the ear, and Johnson comes in wild again and gets caught. Johnson with a nice knee to the body as we go under a minute.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Dodson

Round 3: Dodson lands a sharp left to start the round. Johnson shoots in, eats a knee, but continues to push for the takedown. Dodson, however, catches a low blow and we have a break in the action. Dodson is fine and we continue on with this fight. Dodson throws a flying knee, but Johnson is able to duck out of the way. A straight left lands by Dodson and backs Johnson up. Johnson comes charging in, landing a combo, and Dodson answers. Dodson drops Johnson with a big kick to the body, but “Mighty Mouse” recovers and scores a takedown. Dodson goes right to the fence and begins wall-walking up, but Johnson gets a lock and drags Dodson back to the mat. Dodson with a knee to the body to complete the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Dodson

Round 4: Dodson mixing his strikes well, but never forgetting to counter each kick. Johnson with a power takedown and moves to side control, but Dodson is able to get to his feet. Johnson landed a knee to Dodson while he had a hand on the canvas, and we have another break in the action. Dodson catches a kick and lands a big left, despite some swelling from the illegal knee. Johnson shoots for a single-leg takedown, but Dodson fights it off. Johnson lands with a flurry and a quick left hook. Johnson kneeing the body of Dodson while holding him against the fence, and landing legal knee strikes, as well. Blood is pouring from the face of Dodson now, as it is dripping to the mat. Johnson with a big shot to finish the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 5: More knees inside the clinch by Johnson, who scores another takedown with ease. Johnson jumps and mounts Dodson standing, landing strikes to the top of the head. Johnson now pushing forward, and Dodson tries to clinch. Johnson muscles out, and goes back to his ever-present pushing pace. Dodson shoots for a double-leg takedown and gets it with two minutes to go. Johnson quickly back to his feet before Dodson can do any damage. Sharp left by Johnson lands, and he hits another pair of knees. Knees to the face and Dodson is rocked. Johnson has him pinned up against the fence and is unloading, but Dodson ties him up. Exchange of knees to the body by the two, and Johnson is back landing huge knees to the head. Johnson has used the Muay Thai clinch to a T this evening.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47) to retain the UFC flyweight championship

That’s it for tonight. We’ll see you all back here again next Saturday for UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar.