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Michael Chandler Agrees That Ben Askren’s Fights Are Boring

There has been much criticism on Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren (11-0), as some feel he goes for the takedown too frequently and doesn’t use enough striking. Lightweight champion Michael Chandler (11-0), who is friends with Askren and wrestled with him throughout college, called his fights boring.

“I think Ben’s fights are a little bit on the boring side compared to what they could be and his potential,” said Chandler on Fight Hub TV. “I could stand here and honestly say that there is not a man out there who trains harder than Ben Askren.”

Before yesterday’s Bellator 86, Askren’s previous six fights went to a decision. Askren defeated Karl Amoussou (16-5-2) after the ringside doctor stopped the fight at the conclusion of the third round. Amoussou’s eye had swollen shut and wasn’t allowed to continue.

Chandler went on that he understood Askren’s objective is to win and take as little damage as possible.

The referee appeared close to stopping the fight towards the end of the third round, but the bell temporally kept the action going.

“He’s working on his striking,” said Chandler. “He was not blessed with much power. He’s working his tail off to become a better striker.”