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Bellator 86 Results: Ben Askren Vs. Karl Amoussou

Main event time ya’ll!!

Welterweight World Championship
Ben Askren(C) vs. Karl Amoussou

Round 1: Amoussou comes out swinging landing a punch or two. Amoussou doing a good job of staying away from Askren and aaww damn it. Amoussou falls on his ass and Askren jumps on him. Amoussou goes for a straight armbar from his back but nothing there. I think I’m experiencing deja vu. Askren lands a decent elbow. Since there’s not much going on, Bellator wants to remind you to tune in next week for the start of their Lightweight tourney. Ok, back to the fight. We didn’t miss much. Askren keeps raining down punches. Amoussou tries to push Ben off with his legs but Askren does a great job of staying on top. A few decent elbows from Amoussou off of his back. Great wrist control from Askren, then he unloads a nice elbow to the ribs. Somehow, Amoussou is cut over his left eye. Askren staying on top well as Amoussou attempts an armbar. Say what you will about Askrens game, but it’s the first round and he’s got Amoussou bloody already. Certainly a lot more active and more damage than Bens previous fights. End of round 1.

Fightline gives round 1 to Askren (10-9)

Round 2: A bit more stand up by Askren. Ben shoots and then pulls guard?? Askren is on his back with Amoussou on top, Amoussou goes for a heal hook. They roll over a few times and Askren is back on top. Why on earth would Amoussou go for that from top position is anyones guess. Askren didn’t even look like he was worried of the submission attempt. More GnP by Ben, it appears as if there’s a bigger cut on Amoussou. It may be his forehead or it may be that the cut over his right eye has opened up more. Askren moves to half guys and just about has full mount. Amoussou is doing a good job of keeping Ben from the mount. Askren is landing some very nice shots from top position. From this angle I can see that the blood is from the same cut. Askren rains down heavy punches, Amoussou cannot get Ben to stop. The ref is looking very closely. The bell sounds and Amoussou survives to see the 3rd round.

Fightline has it for Askren again (10-9)

Round 3: Askren shoots again, Amoussou sprawls well but not well enough as Ben gets the takedown. Askrens top game is so heavy, he doesn’t look like a very heavy guy but he knows how to use his weight very well. Amoussou is beginning to look like he’s beginning to gas, as he’s letting his head rest on the canvas more and more. Keep in mind that this is a 5 round bout, so if Ben isn’t able to finish, we’ll see another 10 minutes of this. This is becoming a bloody fight. The doctor checked the cut and stated that it was okay for now, but I say take another look at it now, we may have a doctors stoppage. Askren pounding from half guard. Right hand after right hand, Askren can’t miss. Ben passes to side control and now the full mount. Ben is raining down shots. The ref is warning Amoussou that he’s gotta move. Time is running out….and we’ll have a round 4.

Fightline gives round 3 to Askren again (10-8)

Round 4: Doctors are looking at the cut over Amoussou’s left eye as it’s swelling bad. Ok, that’s it. The ref calls a halt to the bout before the 4th round begins. I guess we won’t see a 4th.

Official Results: Ben Askren defeats Karl Amoussou by doctors stoppage before the 4th round.

Askren talking mad shit and throws in a few jokes. Bjorn congratulates Ben for his 3rd title defense. As Bill Goldbergs would say. Who’s next??!!