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Bellator 86 Results: Muhammed Lawal Vs. Przemyslaw Przemyslaw

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal
Przemyslaw Mysiala vs Muhammed Lawal

Round 1: Mysiala starts off by pressing the action. Lawal being a bit cautious, understandably so. Slow paced fight. A kick by Mysiala, lands well. Mysiala lunges in with a left hook that barely missed as Lawal lands his own. High kick by Mysiala blocked by Lawal. King Mo has his left hand very low. Now he puts it up. Mysiala throws a kick Lawal catches and lands a nice right. Mo lands a stiff jab that sends Mysiala on his heels momentarily. Now Mo is moving forward and has bloodied Mysiala nose. Most likely from that stiff jab. Mo looking very relaxed, landing jabs at will. His accuracy is on display. Sloppy right by Mysiala that misses. They exchange jabs, Mo’s lands. Mysiala tries a high kick, blocked by Mo then Mysiala goes for a one-two combo right after the kick that Mo evades easily with upper body bobbing. Mo stays in the pocket and lands a clean upper cut that drops Mysiala and the ref jumps in. King Mo didn’t even go after Mysiala, Mo knew he was done. Very impressive hand shown by Lawal. The semis of this tourney is now more interesting.

Official Results: Muhammed Lawal defeats Przemyslaw Mysiala by tko at 3:52 of the 1st round