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Bellator 86 Results: Douglas Lima Vs. Michail Tsarev

Welterweight Quarterfinal
Douglas Lima vs Michail Tsarev

Round 1: Touch of the gloves and it’s on. Lima starts with a nice kick. Very slow start, no one wants to make a mistake. Tsarev shoots and Lima sprawls nicely. Tsarev pushes Lima to the fence and is still trying to get the single leg. it doesn’t look like Lima is even struggling to defend but Tsarev is not letting go of Limas leg. Nice switch by Lima and lands on top in Tsarev half guard, then it turns to a closed guard. Lima takes a look at his corner for instructions I’m assuming. A few strikes from each but nothing worth mentioning. The ref stands them up. Same slow approach by both fighters. Trading kicks, Limas look a bit harder. Switch kick by Lima and Tsarev tries to retaliate but with no luck. Wide right by Lima, then a push kick. End of round 1.

Fightline has it for Lima (10-9)

Round 2: Tsarev got caught with a very bad leg kick at the very end of the 1st round and it’s clearly still bothering him. Lima lands a few more and Lima knows it. Tsarev is having a tough time on that leg. Lima lands another “Aldo” like kick and drops Tsarev. Tsarev gets up and tried a kick himself and Lima lands his kick. Tsarev tries to check another Lima kick and falls. As he struggles to stand, the ref steps in a calls for the end of the fight. Tsarev cannot put weight on his leg.

Official Results: Douglas Lima defeats Michail Tsarev by tko at 1:44 into round 2