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Bellator 86 Results: Ben Saunder Vs. Koffie Adzitso

BellatorMMA opened tonight’s event on SpikeTV with a Welterweight Quarterfinal bout. So without further ado, let’s get crack’lackin’ with the toughest tournament in sports!! Michael Williams get us started!!

Welterweight Quarterfinal
Koffie Adzitso vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: No touch of the gloves and on we go. Adzitso shoots in but no luck, Saunders turns him in a clinch and has him against the fence. Adzitso returns the favor and turns Saunders. Saunders gets some sort of crucifix and Koffie turns into Ben and is now in Bens guard, a very active guard I might add. Saunders going for the triangle but Koffie is defending well. I’ll use Koffies first name here, it’s way easier than Adzitso. The ref asks for a bit more action. Another triangle attempt from Saunders and Koffie postures well. Saunders has mission control momentarily. The ref stands them up. Wide swing and miss by Koffie. They clinch and Saunders lands the takedown. Grounding and pounding up against the fence, Ben staying active on top. Great knee by Ben, Koffie took it well. Koffie clinches and the round ends.

Fightline gives Saunders round 1 (10-9)

Round 2: High kick from Ben then gets the Thai clinch, Koffie shoot and pushed Ben against the cage, Koffie loses his balance and falls to his back and Ben pounces with a big right hand. Posturing and landing some elbows and a few short shots. Koffie is attempting to keep Saunders close. Ben is busy from on top but the ref stands them up. High kick from Saunders and an exchange between them. Koffie shoots and pushes Ben against the fence again. It appears as if Ben is attempting a kimura but manages to pull Ben down. Ben goes for an omoplata but Koffie defends it and stays in Bens rubber guard. A quick triangle attempt but nothing serious. Again the ref stands them up. Questionable call I think. Koffie shoots again and same as before, Ben going for a kimura , but this times executes a sweet hip switch on Koffie. Koffie again pushes Ben against the fence, end of round 2.

Fightline gives Saunders round 2 (10-9)

Round 3: Nice Thai clinch by Ben, a few knees land well. Same position as before, Koffie going for a single and Saunders hitting the switch. Saunders is landing good punches on Koffie in his guard. Ben staying active raining down punches, some land clean, some are brushed off. Koffie opens his guard and is trying to get up but Ben keeps him down. Ben stands up with Koffies legs still locked. Saunders lands a few punches and overall is staying active. Now passes to half guard. Koffie tries to sit up but Saunders scoots Koffies ass away for the fence. Koffie gets up and gets Bens back and attempts a back suplex and Saunders blocked it and lands ass first on Koffies face. Yuck. Ben lands a knee on the ribs of Koffie will he’s on the ground. Perfectly legal. Koffie tries a throw but Saunders blocks it and land in full mount. Koffie is mounted with 0:30 seconds to go. Ben postures up and is raining down shots. Koffie circles to the cage to wall walk but no luck. Saunders goes for an armbar but times runs out.

Fightline gives round 3 to Saunders (10-9)

Official Results: Ben Saunders defeats Koffie Adzitso by unanimous decision. All 3 judges have it (30-27)