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Bellator 86 Full Results

Welcome to Fightline’s live coverage of Bellator 86.

Tonight’s Bellator MMA event comes to us live from the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Premils air on and the main card will air on their new home Spiketv.

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Preliminary Card
Cortez Coleman vs. Matt Jones

Round 1:Decent action and exchanges early. Both guys throwing down in the middle of the cage, very few kick. Coleman connects a mini combo and stuns Jones well. Kick below the belt by Jones, ref stops the fight to give Coleman the full 5 minutes. Fights starts again. Jones works the jab well but Coleman continues to throw heavy leather. Basically a boxing match with MMA gloves. Coleman is landing the heavier shots, momentarily stuns Jones. Both fighters are making their Bellator debut, so it’s obvious these guys want to make an impression. Coleman is the power puncher and his punches seem to hurt Jones more that Jones punches on Coleman. End or round 1.

Fightline scores round 1 for Coleman (10-9)

Round 2. Both men exchanging on the feet again, few kicks and no shots as of yet. A few more kicks by Jones. Colemans combo of choice is a left hook and straight right. Some miss and some connect. Coleman coming on forcing Jones to back petal. Colemans got Jones in trouble, dropped and but Jones got back up quick. One two combo hurts Jones bad, Jones has a bad cut on his left eye. The ref is looking very closely. To Jones credit, he’s taking everything Coleman has to offer. End of round 2.

FightLine has it for Coleman again (10-9)

Round 3 Jones is moving forward and finally we see a double leg shot by Jones. Jones coach says he’s down 2 rounds so Jones is pushing the action. He has Coleman moving back and occasionally landing rights but nothing too hard. Jones corner has done a decent job of handling the cut. Jones comes in an is met by a Coleman right upper cut. The boxing match continues with a lot of swinging and a lot of missing. Largely Jones coming forward and there’s less output by Coleman. Colemans shots have lost some of its pop and Jones seems to be handling them better than the earlier rounds. Coleman on his bike as Jones is pressing a bit harder. Finals seconds of the fight, Jones pushed very well. End of round 3 and the fight.

Fightline has round 3 for Jones (10-9)

Fightline scores the bout (29-28) for Cortez Coleman

Official Decision: All 3 judges have it (29-28) For Cortez Coleman.

Zac Church vs. Damon JacksonThese two guys go into a clinch quickly and are up against the fence. This is a rematch from a month ago where Church lost by choke. Jackson gets Church’s back on the feet and pulls him down. Jackson finally gets Church on the mat and is riding Church well. Jackson warned once about shots to the back of the head. Great explosion by Church and gets top position in Jacksons guard. Jackson attempting to get back up and pushes Church against the fence and takes him down. Jackson has Church against the fence on his back and get full mount. Church gives up his back in order to get back up. Jackson has a front head lock and gets Churches back and manages to slam Church right before the bell.

Fightline gives the first round to Jackson (10-9)

Round 2 They clinch again and Jackson gets Church on the fence and takes a text book single leg straight to side control. Church gets half guard back. From the half, Jackson lands a few elbows and moves to a scramble. Church somehow gets Jackson in a reverse scissors and a kimura. Jackson gets the back both hooks in and goes for the rear naked choke. Church taps. Crazy scramble towards the end and Jackson taps Church again by a choke.

Official Results: Damon Jackson defeats Zac Church by Rear Naked Choke.

Welterweight Quarterfinals
Jose Gomes vs. Raul Amaya
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and off they go. They’re are swinging for the fences just as the first bout. Great left hand by Amaya and Gomes goes down, scramble on the ground and Amaya gets the back for a choke but position is not well and Gomes gets out. Now Gomes has Amayas back but Amaya gets up and Gomes falls off. Crazy exchange and Amaya gets the better of it. Amaya swings and misses and Gomes gets the back on the feet against the cage. Gomes goes down again and Amaya pounces. Amaya is the harder puncher, that is clear from the jump. These guys are swinging so crazy they’re slipping all over the place. Amaya connect with a big right left and Gomes goes down nasty, his head smacks the canvas. The ref is looking closely as Amaya is attempting to get mount. Gomes gives his back and Amaya goes ape shit on Gomes on the back mount and the ref stops it. Gomes was not defending himself at all. If a sloppy bar fight with gloves is your thing, this scrap was sweet. Not technical but extremely entertaining.

Official Results: Raul Amaya defeats Jose Gomes by TKO at 3:12 of the 1st round.

Welterweight Quarterfinal
Brent Weedman vs. Marius Zaromskis
Round 1: Round 1 is underway. Weedman shoots immediately and high crotches Zaromskis straight to side mount and slightly against the fence. Brent is looking for the Von Flue choke, Marius is turning red but he won’t let go of his head lock of Weedman. Zaromskis is turning and finally let go of Weedmans head. Weedmans stays on side mount then they go to front head lock. Marius circles out and back on the feet they go. Lots of movement, a few kick from Weedman and a straight right lands on Marius. Weedman shoots again, he has Zaromskis on the fence. Maruis sprawling well, as well as he can up against the fence. No luck, back to the feet they go. Great defense by Marius. Weedman is attacking well but missing a bit. Zaromskis is moving a lot, as usual. Weedman is pushing the action, high kick by Marius and blocked well by Weedman. End our round 1.

Fightline gives round 1 to Weedman (10-9)

Round 2: They meet in the center of the cage and are swinging and missing again. Weedman doing a great job circling to his left. When he does, he’s moving away from Marius power hand/foot. Weedman is landing a bit more with kicks and a left hook and has Zaromskis on his bike. Weedmans shoots and has Marius up agains the fence. He flips over Marius and Marius is able to escape from the back. Out of nowhere, Marius pulls off a back flip onto Weedman, who’s on the canvas. Weedman takes advantage of the position Marius gave up and manages to get Zaromskis back and both hooks in. Body triangle by Weedman looking for the RNC. Closing seconds of round 2, it appears as if Zaromskis will survive.

Fightline has round 2 for Weedman (10-9)

Round 3: Weedman attacks shoots on a double and Zaromskis lands 2 knees to Weedmans face while he’s on his knee. Marius should know these knees are illegal. The ref is giving Weedman the 5 minutes due to the infraction. Weedman takes a few minutes and then the ref lets Marius knows the rules and tells him he’s deducting a point. They go at it again, Marius pushing hard, knowing a decision victory is no longer a possibility now. Weedman again shoots and pushes Marius on the fence again. It’s clear Zaromskis has been doing his homework on sprawling. Marius momentarily gets Weedmans back but then Weedman turns and holds Marius in his closed guard. Not much action on the ground, the ref stands the fights up. Marius attempts and actually lands a forward rolling heel kick and ends up on Weedmans back again from the front head lock, and again Weedman turns to keep Marius in his guard. Another stand up by the ref. Head kick by Marius blocked. Weedman walks forward and that’s the end of the fight folks. By the way, Emily, Brent says he loves you.

Fightline give the round to Weedman again (10-8)
Fightline awards the fight to Weedman (30-26)

Official Results: Brent Weedman defeats Marius Zaromskis by unanimous decision, all 3 judges have it (29-27)

Catchweight (140lbs)
Chris Pham vs. Jason Simpson
Round 1: Lots of movement, nothing connecting yet. Sampson looks a lot bigger than Pham, even though he weighed in at 137lbs. Nice leg kick by Sampson. They exchange again into a clinch and a nasty mouth formed under Sampsons left eye. Brief message that Bellator is having technical difficulties and to please stand by. Ok we’re back, Pham is coming forward forcing Sampson to throw out of desperation. Very close round with a minute and thirty to go. Sampson shoots and gets the takedown on Pham. Obviously he knew the round was close and is trying to finish the round on top with some nice ground and pound. Pham scrambles and Sampson gets Phams back. Very good defense by Pham. He’s slowly turning into Sampson and is ends the round in Sampsons guard.

Fightline gives Sampson round 1 (10-9)

Round 2: Pham sporting what I can only describe as a crucifix mohawk. He has a normal mohawk and the T of the cross is from ear to ear across his head. Just had to toss that nugget of info for no reason. Sampson shoots and take sweet single leg and straight into side control. Crucifix position then the mount and Pham bridges well. Crucifix position? Karma? Anyway, they scramble again and Sampson gets Phams back with a half nelson. Pham turning into Sampson well but Sampson keeps the back and goes for the RNC!! It looks deep! OH, Sampson gives it up as he’s having issues flattening Pham out. Pham continues to turn into Sampson but Sampson sticking to Phams back extremely well. He goes for the RNC again but Pham is defending well. Fantastic hand control by Pham. Oh Sampson transitions to an armbar and Pham holds on till the end of the round. Excellent jj clinc by Jason Sampson, and a mighty flashy transition.

Fightline gives round 2 to Sampson (10-9)

Round 3: Tap of the gloves and Sampson throws a jumping knee that misses then shoots and gets the takedown. He’s now in Phams open guard. Grant GnP by Sampson, he postures and lands a few punches. He postures again and rolls Pham over and gets his back with both hooks in. In fact he slaps on a body triangle and is controlling Pham well. Again, nice hand control by Pham. Sampson gets close and closer with the RNC but Pham defends well. Pham switches sides to put pressure on Sampsons foot. Sampson switches legs but Pham turns again. Sampson is landing some punches that look like they’re connecting on the back of Phams head but the ref isn’t saying anything so Sampson continues throwing the. This whole round was all Sampson on Phams back and again goes for the armbar transitions, then to a mounted triangle, then back to the armbar and gets the tap. You can only defend so much, fantastic transitions from Sampson.

Official Results: Jason Sampson defeats Chris Pham by armbar at 4:55 of the 3rd round

Welterweight Quarterfinal
Koffie Adzitso vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: No touch of the gloves and on we go. Adzitso shoots in but no luck, Saunders turns him in a clinch and has him against the fence. Adzitso returns the favor and turns Saunders. Saunders gets some sort of crucifix and Koffie turns into Ben and is now in Bens guard, a very active guard I might add. Saunders going for the triangle but Koffie is defending well. I’ll use Koffies first name here, it’s way easier than Adzitso. The ref asks for a bit more action. Another triangle attempt from Saunders and Koffie postures well. Saunders has mission control momentarily. The ref stands them up. Wide swing and miss by Koffie. They clinch and Saunders lands the takedown. Grounding and pounding up against the fence, Ben staying active on top. Great knee by Ben, Koffie took it well. Koffie clinches and the round ends.

Fightline gives Saunders round 1 (10-9)

Round 2: High kick from Ben then gets the Thai clinch, Koffie shoot and pushed Ben against the cage, Koffie loses his balance and falls to his back and Ben pounces with a big right hand. Posturing and landing some elbows and a few short shots. Koffie is attempting to keep Saunders close. Ben is busy from on top but the ref stands them up. High kick from Saunders and an exchange between them. Koffie shoots and pushes Ben against the fence again. It appears as if Ben is attempting a kimura but manages to pull Ben down. Ben goes for an omoplata but Koffie defends it and stays in Bens rubber guard. A quick triangle attempt but nothing serious. Again the ref stands them up. Questionable call I think. Koffie shoots again and same as before, Ben going for a kimura , but this times executes a sweet hip switch on Koffie. Koffie again pushes Ben against the fence, end of round 2.

Fightline gives Saunders round 2 (10-9)

Round 3: Nice Thai clinch by Ben, a few knees land well. Same position as before, Koffie going for a single and Saunders hitting the switch. Saunders is landing good punches on Koffie in his guard. Ben staying active raining down punches, some land clean, some are brushed off. Koffie opens his guard and is trying to get up but Ben keeps him down. Ben stands up with Koffies legs still locked. Saunders lands a few punches and overall is staying active. Now passes to half guard. Koffie tries to sit up but Saunders scoots Koffies ass away for the fence. Koffie gets up and gets Bens back and attempts a back suplex and Saunders blocked it and lands ass first on Koffies face. Yuck. Ben lands a knee on the ribs of Koffie will he’s on the ground. Perfectly legal. Koffie tries a throw but Saunders blocks it and land in full mount. Koffie is mounted with 0:30 seconds to go. Ben postures up and is raining down shots. Koffie circles to the cage to wall walk but no luck. Saunders goes for an armbar but times runs out.

Fightline gives round 3 to Saunders (10-9)

Official Results: Ben Saunders defeats Koffie Adzitso by unanimous decision. All 3 judges have it (30-27)

Welterweight Quarterfinal
Douglas Lima vs Michail Tsarev

Round 1: Touch of the gloves and it’s on. Lima starts with a nice kick. Very slow start, no one wants to make a mistake. Tsarev shoots and Lima sprawls nicely. Tsarev pushes Lima to the fence and is still trying to get the single leg. it doesn’t look like Lima is even struggling to defend but Tsarev is not letting go of Limas leg. Nice switch by Lima and lands on top in Tsarev half guard, then it turns to a closed guard. Lima takes a look at his corner for instructions I’m assuming. A few strikes from each but nothing worth mentioning. The ref stands them up. Same slow approach by both fighters. Trading kicks, Limas look a bit harder. Switch kick by Lima and Tsarev tries to retaliate but with no luck. Wide right by Lima, then a push kick. End of round 1.

Fightline has it for Lima (10-9)

Round 2: Tsarev got caught with a very bad leg kick at the very end of the 1st round and it’s clearly still bothering him. Lima lands a few more and Lima knows it. Tsarev is having a tough time on that leg. Lima lands another “Aldo” like kick and drops Tsarev. Tsarev gets up and tried a kick himself and Lima lands his kick. Tsarev tries to check another Lima kick and falls. As he struggles to stand, the ref steps in a calls for the end of the fight. Tsarev cannot put weight on his leg.

Official Results: Douglas Lima defeats Michail Tsarev by tko at 1:44 into round 2

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal
Przemyslaw Mysiala vs Muhammed Lawal

Round 1: Mysiala starts off by pressing the action. Lawal being a bit cautious, understandably so. Slow paced fight. A kick by Mysiala, lands well. Mysiala lunges in with a left hook that barely missed as Lawal lands his own. High kick by Mysiala blocked by Lawal. King Mo has his left hand very low. Now he puts it up. Mysiala throws a kick Lawal catches and lands a nice right. Mo lands a stiff jab that sends Mysiala on his heels momentarily. Now Mo is moving forward and has bloodied Mysiala nose. Most likely from that stiff jab. Mo looking very relaxed, landing jabs at will. His accuracy is on display. Sloppy right by Mysiala that misses. They exchange jabs, Mo’s lands. Mysiala tries a high kick, blocked by Mo then Mysiala goes for a one-two combo right after the kick that Mo evades easily with upper body bobbing. Mo stays in the pocket and lands a clean upper cut that drops Mysiala and the ref jumps in. King Mo didn’t even go after Mysiala, Mo knew he was done. Very impressive hand shown by Lawal. The semis of this tourney is now more interesting.

Official Results: Muhammed Lawal defeats Przemyslaw Mysiala by tko at 3:52 of the 1st round

Main event time ya’ll!!

Welterweight World Championship
Ben Askren(C) vs. Karl Amoussou

Round 1: Amoussou comes out swinging landing a punch or two. Amoussou doing a good job of staying away from Askren and aaww damn it. Amoussou falls on his ass and Askren jumps on him. Amoussou goes for a straight armbar from his back but nothing there. I think I’m experiencing deja vu. Askren lands a decent elbow. Since there’s not much going on, Bellator wants to remind you to tune in next week for the start of their Lightweight tourney. Ok, back to the fight. We didn’t miss much. Askren keeps raining down punches. Amoussou tries to push Ben off with his legs but Askren does a great job of staying on top. A few decent elbows from Amoussou off of his back. Great wrist control from Askren, then he unloads a nice elbow to the ribs. Somehow, Amoussou is cut over his left eye. Askren staying on top well as Amoussou attempts an armbar. Say what you will about Askrens game, but it’s the first round and he’s got Amoussou bloody already. Certainly a lot more active and more damage than Bens previous fights. End of round 1.

Fightline gives round 1 to Askren (10-9)

Round 2: A bit more stand up by Askren. Ben shoots and then pulls guard?? Askren is on his back with Amoussou on top, Amoussou goes for a heal hook. They roll over a few times and Askren is back on top. Why on earth would Amoussou go for that from top position is anyones guess. Askren didn’t even look like he was worried of the submission attempt. More GnP by Ben, it appears as if there’s a bigger cut on Amoussou. It may be his forehead or it may be that the cut over his right eye has opened up more. Askren moves to half guys and just about has full mount. Amoussou is doing a good job of keeping Ben from the mount. Askren is landing some very nice shots from top position. From this angle I can see that the blood is from the same cut. Askren rains down heavy punches, Amoussou cannot get Ben to stop. The ref is looking very closely. The bell sounds and Amoussou survives to see the 3rd round.

Fightline has it for Askren again (10-9)

Round 3: Askren shoots again, Amoussou sprawls well but not well enough as Ben gets the takedown. Askrens top game is so heavy, he doesn’t look like a very heavy guy but he knows how to use his weight very well. Amoussou is beginning to look like he’s beginning to gas, as he’s letting his head rest on the canvas more and more. Keep in mind that this is a 5 round bout, so if Ben isn’t able to finish, we’ll see another 10 minutes of this. This is becoming a bloody fight. The doctor checked the cut and stated that it was okay for now, but I say take another look at it now, we may have a doctors stoppage. Askren pounding from half guard. Right hand after right hand, Askren can’t miss. Ben passes to side control and now the full mount. Ben is raining down shots. The ref is warning Amoussou that he’s gotta move. Time is running out….and we’ll have a round 4.

Fightline gives round 3 to Askren again (10-8)

Round 4: Doctors are looking at the cut over Amoussou’s left eye as it’s swelling bad. Ok, that’s it. The ref calls a halt to the bout before the 4th round begins. I guess we won’t see a 4th.

Official Results: Ben Askren defeats Karl Amoussou by doctors stoppage before the 4th round.

Askren talking mad shit and throws in a few jokes. Bjorn congratulates Ben for his 3rd title defense. As Bill Goldbergs would say. Who’s next??!!

Alright guys, that’ll do it for Fightlines play-by-play. We’ll see you guys next week for the beginning of Bellators Lightweight tourney. Alrato!!