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Clay Guida: “Not Satisfied” With His UFC Record, Looks For A Fresh Start At Featherweight

Clay Guida (29-13, MMA), a long-time lightweight fighter in the UFC, will make his featherweight debut this weekend at UFC on FOX 6 in Chicago, IL. His first challenge in the 145-lb division is contender Hatsu Hioki (26-5-2, MMA). Guida told MMA Fight Corner that his weight cut is going well and he’s ready to wage war in his new division.

“It’s time to see a changing of the guard man. I’ve taken on some of the best, I’ve beaten some of the best and lost to some of the best in the lightweight division and it’s time I test other waters. It was six years of the lightweight division and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things,” Guida stated.

Known for his electric energy, non-stop bouncing prior to entering the Octagon, and nine fight night bonuses in the UFC, the Jackson-Winklejohn MMA trained fighter is looking to reinvent himself in his new weight class, while also entertaining the fans.

“I haven’t accomplished that much in my career. I’m starting a new weight class and the accomplishments are about to start,” Guida said. “I am not satisfied with my record in the UFC, I’m not satisfied with some of my performances, and we’ve got a clean slate and I’m going to make the most of my opportunities.”

Currently Guida has 9 wins and 7 losses in the UFC. He’s is coming off a split decision loss at UFC on FX 4 against Gray Maynard over which many were critical of Guida’s performance. With UFC on FOX 6 approaching, Guida said the flack he received for the performance in his last fight is something he’s putting behind him.

“You guys know, educated media people, educated fans, Dana White, all my fans before the Gray Maynard fight, whoever my fans are after, realize that any night I go out there, there’s a potential Fight of the Night or Fight of the Year on the line,” said Guida. “Now it’s just going to be that I have more power at 145, so who knows? Don’t be surprised to see me come out on the winning end of a Knockout of the Night or another Submission of the Night. There’s no pressure. I go out there and have fun, I fight upwards competition and Hioki’s a step up in competition and he’s going to feel really lonely out there come Saturday night.”

Known as one of the more charismatic fighters on the UFC roster, Clay also seemed to have a lot of confidence that he’ll be victorious in his featherweight debut. Additionally, he’s looking to notch his win in impressive fashion.

“My buddy Rick Lamas kinda already exposed Hioki,” Guida continued. “A win against Hioki, a big one, a finish, gets us not at the top of the division, but definitely starts us at a good foot at featherweight…and that’s what we’re looking to do. We asked for a bigger name coming in even after two losses, we want guys with momentum. Even though Hioki lost his last fight, he’s still a bigger draw and we’re going to put him to the test.”