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Nick Diaz Flashes His Lighter Side During UFC 158 Press Conference

Nick Diaz has said countless times that he would skip any and all pre-fight press conferences if the UFC allowed it. However, during one on Wednesday, the former Strikeforce welterweight champion up-staged UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre with his lighter side.

The two will finally meet this March at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz. The first scheduled meeting between Diaz and GSP was cancelled after Diaz no-showed a press conference. The second, after a knee injury to St-Pierre.

Diaz was asked about the fight taking place in Montreal, and responded by saying, “I don’t think they test for steroids up here.” UFC president Dana White made sure to chime in, answering, “They test for everything up here.” Diaz responded with, “That’s good to know.”

Last year, following a loss to Carlos Condit, Diaz was found to have marijuana metabolites in his system. He was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission, despite several attempts to get the suspended overturned.

Diaz also claimed to “like” his opponent, despite taking several jabs at him in the past. The Stockton bad boy said “that’s why I want to fight him. He’s No. 1, so that’s who you’ve got to beat.”