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Ian McCall Offers Up His Take On Demetrious Johnson-John Dodson UFC Flyweight Title Fight

Ian McCall was viewed as the odds-on favorite to make the finals of the UFC’s first-ever flyweight title tournament. However, McCall was unable to get past Demetrious Johnson, who went on to claim the belt.

Johnson will make his first title defense this Saturday night against John Dodson at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson. McCall, who missed the latter stages of 2012 with an injury, recently discussed the bout with

“Demetrious is going to do the same thing he did to me, that he did to Joe (Benavidez): use his speed,” McCall said. “I think that besides him, I am the fastest person. Dodson is quick in the pocket, but slow (outside).”

McCall said that Dodson – or anyone else who faces Johnson – needs to do what he did during their first meeting, which is “hit him hard. You have to trap him like a mouse.” The two fought to a draw after a scoring error was found in the final decision.

As for his prediction, “Uncle Creepy” is leaning towards the champion, adding, “I see it being another decision win for Demetrious. Boring.”