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Mike Goldberg Opens Up About Reason For Time Away

After UFC president Dana White said that Mike Goldberg would miss UFC 155 and was uncertain about his return, the rumor mill started to turn. The biggest rumor was that Goldberg was addicted to the ADHD medicine, Adderall. Goldberg took to his Twitter account to deny that claim, but provided no further reason given to explain his absence until now.

Goldberg revealed that a respiratory infection from his trip to Brazil for UFC 153 was to blame, mixed with his asthma. He said that he had no kind of drug problem.

“To put it simply, it was the perfect storm,” said Goldberg on The MMA Hour. “My immune system was never really able to get back in balance and then complications came. My voice started to go and I wasn’t able to get the pre-production done and I wasn’t able to voice it 100 percent. I wasn’t able to get it together for UFC 155.”

Goldberg has been calling the action for the UFC since 1997 and UFC 155 was the first show he missed that didn’t involve schedule issues. Jon Anik filled in for the announce duties on the PPV.

“I ended up being hospitalized a couple times for it, just because they were making sure they could get my lungs open,” said Goldberg.

This weekend, Goldberg returns at UFC on FOX, and the longtime announcer said his immune system is now fine.