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UFC On FX 7: Yuri Alcantara Vs. Pedro Nobre

Yuri Alcantara vs. Pedro Nobre

The second Alcantara brother hits the Octagon next, as bantamweight Yuri Alcantara (26-4) meets Pedro Nobre (13-1-2). The referee will be Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Not wanting to waste any time, Nobre comes right out and attacks Alcantara. A second front kick, though, is very low and Alcantara asks for – and is granted – time. Nobre catches Alcantara coming in with a right, and Alcantara answers with a right of his own. Spinning kick misses, and Alcantara goes for a smooth kimura out of the transition. Nobre looking to power out, and Alcantara rolls into a tight kimura, but Nobre escapes. Now, Alcantara works for a rear-naked choke. Even Kenny Florian is amazed by Nobre’s submission defense, as the kimura appeared to be locked in very tightly. The ref steps in and stops it for a shot to the back of the head, as Nobre is face down on the mat. Upon review, it appeared as though the shot that stopped the match for now was to the side of the head and not the back, but the two previous ones were to the back. The doctor is in the Octagon, and appears to be waving the match off. Another review shows an elbow that landed directly to the back of Nobre’s head.

Yuri Alcantara and Pedro Nobre fight to a no-contest