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Connecticut Seeks To Legalize MMA With New Bill

MMA attempts to become legal in Connecticut after Senator Andres Ayala and State Representative Charles Clemons recently proposed House Bill No. 5277 which looks to “legalize and regulate professional mixed martial arts matches,” according to Sherdog. It was referred to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security.

Last year Bill No. 326, which is similar to the current one, passed through several committees before Senate President Donald Williams and Majority Leader Martin Looney declined to have the bill voted upon by the Senate.

For Bill 5277 to pass, it must go through its own set of committees, before the House of Representatives votes. If the House passes the bill, the Senate must do the same before the governor decides to sign it into law or veto it.

Besides Connecticut, Montana and New York remain as the only states yet to legalize MMA. Vermont recently passed a bill into law making MMA legal in that state.

Native American owned casinos in Connecticut are allowed to host MMA events. The UFC last appeared in the state in 2005 and Bellator in March.