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Eric Prindle Takes Aim At Fighters Who Cross The Line Hyping A Fight

Eric Prindle (7-3-1 NC) is no rookie in MMA and has spent the last half of his career fighting out of Bellator. With his four years of experience, Prindle has one major problem with some fighters. That is the trashing talking some use by speaking ill of one’s family.

“It’s up to the individual, but I don’t like when guys cross a certain line when they talk,” said Prindle to Bleacher Report. “There’s hyping up a fight, then there’s talking crap about other people’s kids and stuff like that—I don’t like that.”

The 36-year-old heavyweight made it to the finals of the Season 5 heavyweight tournament, but that meeting was declared a no contest early into the fight against Thiago Santos after an accidental kick to the groin. Since it was a tournament fight, a rematch was set but Prindle became sick the day before their encounter. After the fight was rebooked again, Santos came in 12 pounds overweight and Bellator decided to award Prindle the win.

Prindle was unsuccessful when he challenged for the title and then met Santos in the opening round of Season 7. Santos won in the first round, leaving Prindle 0-2-1 NC since the fall of 2011.
There has been no confirmation for Prindle’s next appearance.