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“Rampage” Jackson Upset By Glover Teixeira’s Stand-And-Trade “Talk”

For former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, he has heard this old song-and-dance before: opponent claims he will stand and trade blows with Jackson, but decides to just wrestle him to the ground for the duration of the fight.

Upon signing to face Glover Teixeira, Jackson thought he was getting into a slug-fest that would delight the crowd. Now, he believes Teixeira was just talking and will resort to wrestling when they collide next Saturday at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson.

“Glover is a guy who says he’s going to knock me out, stand with me,” Jackson said. “Just like the other guys, he is too cowardly to do that. He is just trying to get me to focus somewhere else, have me train other areas. I’m smarter now. I found out he’s basically just going to try to wrestle me, and I lost some respect for him.”

Jackson said he found out through “internet snitches” that Teixeira planned to impose his will on the ground and that he was “disappointed” in the news.

This is expected to be Jackson’s final UFC fight, as he said he does not plan to resign with the promotion after fulfilling his contract. Jackson also made it known that he traveled to England for his pre-fight preparation, saying, “it was Christmas time and I didn’t want my teammates or coaches to have to leave their families for Christmas. It was easier for one man to go over there.”