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Strikeforce: Tim Kennedy Vs. Trevor Smith

Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Smith

We head back to the middleweight ranks, as former title contender Tim Kennedy (14-4) faces Trevor Smith (10-2). The referee will be Mark Carter.

Round 1: Smith gets the takedown, keeping a hold of his foot but Kennedy eventually gets to his feet. Smith lands a pair of solid shots as they tie up against the fence. Big uppercut lands by Kennedy after Smith scores with a kick, and Smith goes back to his wrestling, taking Kennedy down. Scramble and Kennedy gets to his feet, scoring his own takedown. Smith stands back up, with a little help from the fence. Another massive uppercut by Kennedy, followed by a kick and a knee. Smith than hits Kennedy below the belt, and we have a break in the action. Kennedy fights off a takedown attempt, takes his back, but is unable to get the takedown. Smith again used the fence to keep himself upright, with no admonishment from the ref. Kennedy connects with a front kick, and we have a nice scramble with Kennedy taking the back.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Round 2: Solid left, right by Smith to start the round, as they tie up and Smith gets the takedown with a nice trip. Kennedy now with Smith up against the fence and gets a takedown off a trip of his own. Kennedy working quickly on the ground, trying to lock Smith up but Smith is able to avoid it for now. Big elbow from Kennedy to the side of Smith as we approach the two-minute mark. Some nice ground work by Kennedy, but he’s not been able to do much damage in this position.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Round 3: Kennedy with a cut over his eye that was looked at between rounds, but he is cleared to resume fighting. Kennedy walking through kicks by Smith, and delivers a pair of sound uppercuts, followed by a knee. Smith pushes Kennedy up against the cage, but Kennedy locks in a guillotine, rolls and gets the submission.

Tim Kennedy def. Trevor Smith via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:36 of Round 3