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Strikeforce: Marquardt Vs. Saffiedine Results

Welcome to FightLine’s live coverage of Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine.

Tonight’s final Strikeforce event comes to us live from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The preliminary card will air live on Showtime Extreme, while the main card will air live on Showtime.

Now, on to the action! Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard.


In a pair of non-televised prelim bouts, Estevan Payan defeated Michael Bravo via second round TKO at 4:01, while Adriano Martins earned a decision victory over Jorge Gurgel (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

K.J. Noons vs. Ryan Couture

Welcome to our live coverage of Strikeforce for the final time. We open up action in the middleweight division with Roger Gracie (5-1) taking on Anthony Smith (17-7). The referee will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Gracie sporting his Blackhouse MMA shirt, as he now trains there. Smith throwing some huge lefts, mixing in shots with movement as he tries to avoid any takedown attempt by Gracie. Strong kicks by Smith to the lead leg of Gracie. Gracie denied a takedown attempt, as Smith used the cage to keep himself upright. Pair of nice jabs by Smith connect. Smith throws a straight kick, and connects again with a left. Gracie catches Smith with an accidental eye poke. Smith really battering that lead leg with some nice, quick kicks. Under 30 seconds to go in this round and Smith lands with a high kick.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Round 2: Gracie looking a little more relaxed this round, moving better and going on the attack against Smith. It appears Smith is having issues with his vision, covering his right eye. Gracie swarms in and goes for a takedown, but is denied. Gracie keeps working it and scores the double-leg takedown with over three minutes to go. Gracie posturing up, lands a pair of nice shots and moves to side control. Gracie now moves to the mount with two minutes to go. Big elbow lands to the eye by Gracie, as he starts to work in a side choke and Smith is forced to tap.

Roger Gracie def. Anthony Smith via submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:16 of Round 2

Pat Healy vs. Kurt Holobaugh

A very disgruntled Pat Healy (28-16) faces Kurt Holobaugh (9-0) in our next contest at lightweight. Healy was expected to face Gilbert Melendez for the Strikeforce title, but Melendez was forced out with an injury. Holobaugh will be making his debut for the promotion. Kevin Nix is the referee in charge.

Round 1: Holobaugh comes firing out at Healy, and we have a striking exchange. Healy shoots for a takedown after eating a pair of strikes, and the two tie up against the cage. Holobaugh going to the body now, as Healy lands a knee flush to the body. Healy grabs a single-leg, shifts to the back and scores a takedown. Holobaugh tries to work an armbar, but Healy pulls free from that easily and peppers his face with blows. Holobaugh transitions to a heel hook from the bottom, and Healy spins around and lands a big shot to the face. Two minutes left and Healy is being forced to work while on top. Holobaugh gets to his feet and grabs a hold of Healy’s head, landing a nice knee to the body. Holobaugh gets the takedown this time, taking the back and trying to spider himself on Healy, but the veteran reverses it and gains control. Healy locks in a rear-naked, but is unable to get the submission as the round end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Healy

Round 2: Holobaugh standing and trading with Healy, but Healy drops and gets a takedown without much resistance. Healy folding Holobaugh up, working from side to full mount to the back. Healy has a hook in and is working to loosen Holobaugh up for a choke. Holobaugh trying to shake Healy off, and he gets out and is free, but his leg gets caught in Healy’s grasp and “Bam Bam” is working a leg submission. Healy lets it go and moves to the back again, as they are standing against the fence. Healy into Holobaugh’s guard now with just under two minutes to go in the round. Healy doing some minor damage, while also looking for a submission.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Healy

Round 3: Holobaugh kicking away at Healy, but will likely need a finish to score the upset victory after two rounds. Healy seems content to engage, landing a nice knee inside the clinch. Holobaugh throwing nice lefts and rights at will, and does his best to fend off a Healy takedown attempt, which he does. Healy in guard, working quickly for a number of submissions again. Holobaugh, though, is doing a good job of staying active on his back and is able to reverses things. Under a minute and Healy is on the back again, but Holobaugh is working to get to his feet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Healy

Pat Healy def. Kurt Holobaugh via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Smith

We head back to the middleweight ranks, as former title contender Tim Kennedy (14-4) faces Trevor Smith (10-2). The referee will be Mark Carter.

Round 1: Smith gets the takedown, keeping a hold of his foot but Kennedy eventually gets to his feet. Smith lands a pair of solid shots as they tie up against the fence. Big uppercut lands by Kennedy after Smith scores with a kick, and Smith goes back to his wrestling, taking Kennedy down. Scramble and Kennedy gets to his feet, scoring his own takedown. Smith stands back up, with a little help from the fence. Another massive uppercut by Kennedy, followed by a kick and a knee. Smith than hits Kennedy below the belt, and we have a break in the action. Kennedy fights off a takedown attempt, takes his back, but is unable to get the takedown. Smith again used the fence to keep himself upright, with no admonishment from the ref. Kennedy connects with a front kick, and we have a nice scramble with Kennedy taking the back.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Round 2: Solid left, right by Smith to start the round, as they tie up and Smith gets the takedown with a nice trip. Kennedy now with Smith up against the fence and gets a takedown off a trip of his own. Kennedy working quickly on the ground, trying to lock Smith up but Smith is able to avoid it for now. Big elbow from Kennedy to the side of Smith as we approach the two-minute mark. Some nice ground work by Kennedy, but he’s not been able to do much damage in this position.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kennedy

Round 3: Kennedy with a cut over his eye that was looked at between rounds, but he is cleared to resume fighting. Kennedy walking through kicks by Smith, and delivers a pair of sound uppercuts, followed by a knee. Smith pushes Kennedy up against the cage, but Kennedy locks in a guillotine, rolls and gets the submission.

Tim Kennedy def. Trevor Smith via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:36 of Round 3

K.J. Noons vs. Ryan Couture

The final prelim fight in the history of Strikeforce is next, as lightweights K.J. Noons (11-5) and Ryan Couture (5-1) take the cage. Noons is a former EliteXC champion, while Couture is the son of ex-UFC champ and Hall of Famer Randy Couture. The referee will be Don Turnage.

Round 1: Couture with a reach advantage, but Noons is a well-rounded boxer, so that could be negated. Noons has his right-hand locked and ready to unleash, as Couture picks the leg to work on. Couture with a knee as they tie up close. Noons answers with a jab and a big right that just misses. Another kick by Couture, and Noons replied with a right. Uppercut by Noons, who is obviously head hunting. Nice exchange by the two, with Noons getting the better of it. Couture with a flush spinning back kick, but Noons answers and drops Couture to end the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Noons

Round 2: Noons with a left-right combo to start the round. Couture trying to avoid the punching power of Noons, but eats a right. Knee to the body by Couture after a failed takedown attempt. Couture rocks Noons, and is throwing everything he has. Now, Noons responds and starts firing off on Couture with lefts and rights. Noons rocks Couture with a right, and another right, but Couture is still standing as we approach two minutes left in the round. Blood pouring from face of Noons. Couture appeared to be wobbled several times, but he never dropped. Body shot by Couture is answered with a combo by Noons. Couture finishes out the round strong, landing a spinning kick and a knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Couture

Round 3: Nice side kick by Couture lands to the body, and he follows up with a combo. Straight jab from Couture misses, and Noons counters. Couture with a knee to the face after a failed takedown attempt. Jab from Noons backs Couture up. Noons with a big left the lands, and Couture just misses with a high kick. Right lands from Couture, but is just a glancing blow. Couture blocks an uppercut attempt by Noons. Couture with a knee inside the clinch, and he continues to press forward with a minute to go. Exchange of rights, and Couture gets countered following a kick. Down to 30 seconds, and this could easily be either fighters fight to win.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Couture

Ryan Couture def. K.J. Noons via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)


Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Ed Herman

We open up the final main card for Strikeforce with a UFC fighter, as Ed Herman (20-7-1) takes on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (16-3-1) at a catch-weight. Herman is the first UFC fighter to step inside the Strikeforce cage. The referee will be Mark Carter.

Round 1: Souza takes control of the cage right away, and is rocking Strikeforce gloves, not UFC ones. Souza ties things up and pushes Herman against the cage. Knee to the body by Souza. Overhand right by Souza connects, as well, and follows with a liver shot. Souza swoops in and gets a takedown. Souza stops moving after eating a couple of upkicks while on a knee, but Herman does not lose a point. Also, the two are put up instead of back to the ground where things were. Souza with a big strike out of the exchange. Souza throwing big bombs, and gets another huge takedown. Souza going for a keylock, moves to a kimura and that is all she wrote, as Souza scores a takedown.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza def. Ed Herman via submission (kimura) at 3:10 of Round 1

Gegard Mousasi vs. Mike Kyle

We move into the light heavyweight ranks, as former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi (32-3-2) takes on Mike Kyle (19-8-1). The third man inside the cage will be Don Turnage.

Round 1: Big low kick by Mousasi nearly floors Kyle. Inside leg kick by Mousasi, as well, but Kyle answers with a right. Knee to the face and body by Kyle forces Mousasi to work for a takedown. Kyle fights it off and stays upright. Solid combo by Kyle gets through Mousasi’s defense. Double-leg takedown by Mousasi is successful, as he is inside Kyle’s guard. Mousasi working to do damage, but does land a pair of elbows to the face. Mousasi now postures up and is firing lefts and rights, forcing Kyle to give up his back. Kyle turns, and turns again, giving Mousasi his back and he is forced to tap. Kyle appeared to tap once, but the ref didn’t stop it, and he tapped again with more conviction.

Gegard Mousasi def. Mike Kyle via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:09 of Round 1

Josh Barnett vs. Nandor Guelmino

The first of two heavyweight matches kicks off next, as Josh Barnett (31-6) looks to get back on track against Nandor Guelmino (11-3-1). Barnett was defeated by Daniel Cormier last year in the finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. The referee will be Kevin Nix.

Round 1: Barnett shoots in, takes Guelmino down and is looking to end this one early on the mat. Barnett has been battling the flu, and appears in no mood to play around. Barnett working the body, drops down for a leg lock but Guelmino slips out and gets to his feet. Barnett takes Guelmino back to the mat and is working for an arm triangle, and gets it. That’s all for this one, and Barnett does his signature throat slash.

Josh Barnett def. Nandor Guelmino via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:11 of Round 1

Daniel Cormier vs. Dion Staring

The co-main event is next, as heavy favorite Daniel Cormier (10-0) takes on Dion Staring (28-7). Cormier is a 20-to-1 favorite at last glance. The referee will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Staring is loading up his right, but misses with an uppercut. Head kick by Cormier with Staring having his hand lowered. Staring ties up and lands some nice knees. Staring avoids an inside trip, but Cormier turns him and slams him to the mat, working from side control. Cormier with an elbow as he patiently waits for Staring to make a mistake. Staring gets out of a crucifix, but Cormier takes the back. Staring to his feet, and they separate. Cormier unloading and Staring is covering up, as he grabs his waist and gets another takedown. Staring likely won’t survive this takedown by the former Olympic wrestler. Surprisingly, Staring does survive the takedown as we approach the one-minute mark. Cormier slowly works a third takedown and delivers a nasty elbow. Cormier postures up and starts firing down lefts and rights to Staring with 40 seconds left in the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Cormier

Round 2: Staring comes out firing, pushing Cormier against the fence. Of course, that allows Cormier to tie up and work for another takedown. The separate and Cormier starts using his jab. Staring ties up Cormier, but Cormier gets the takedown with an inside step. Cormier to side control, looking to hammer Staring with elbows. Staring reverses and Cormier takes his back, connecting with a left and a right. Staring rolls through and Cormier is back into side control, delivering a series of uncontested rights. Cormier pounding away on Staring with lefts and rights at will. More ground-and-pound from Cormie with just under two minutes to go. With a minute left, the ref steps in after Cormier lands several more powerful rights.

Daniel Cormier def. Dion Staring via TKO (strikes) at 4:02 of Round 2

Nate Marquardt (c) vs. Tarec Saffiedine for Strikeforce welterweight championship

We’ve arrived at the main event, and final fight in Strikeforce, as Nate Marquardt (32-10-2) puts his Strikeforce welterweight title on the line against Tarec Saffiedine (13-3). John McCarthy will be the third man inside the cage.

Round 1: Marquardt being very patient to start, as Saffiedine is dancing around the outside of the center of the cage. Saffiedine lands a pair of solid leg kicks, and Marquardt fires one back himself. Exchange of kicks by the two, and they do the same again. Saffiedine catches Marquardt coming in with a quick jab, dropping the champion. Marquardt goes for a takedown, but is denied, and Saffiedine ties him up against the fence. Marquardt catches Saffiedine coming out with an elbow. Front kick misses by Marquardt, as Saffiedine fires back with a jab. Marquardt goes for a standing choke, and is attempting to spin to the back. Knees to the body are exchanged by the two.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Marquardt

Round 2: Marquardt with a takedown and is working Saffiedine hard early in this round. Saffiedine, though, gets to his feet and ties Marquardt up against the cage. Marquardt turns the tide and is now holding Saffiedine against the cage, as Marquardt looks to drop for a takedown. The ref steps in with two minutes to go in the round and separates them. Head kick by Marquardt connects, and Saffiedine counters. Left-right combo by Marquardt, and Saffiedine counters. Small amount of swelling under the eye of Marquardt, and Saffiedine is feeling it with his kicks and punches now, landing a combo. Marquardt shoots in and Saffiedine sprawls, avoiding the takedown. Saffiedine drops Marquardt again to finish the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Saffiedine

Round 3: Saffiedine comes right out and meets Marquardt at the center. Spinning back kick misses by Saffiedine, and Marquardt counters. Another combo by Saffiedine connects, as he appears to have the range and timing figured out. Clinch again and more knees exchanged by the two. Marquardt throws a flying knee, but Saffiedine blocks it. Saffiedine comes right into Marquardt, pressing him against the cage. Dan Henderson shouting out instructions to Saffiedine, who eats a quick strike that has him hurt. More kicks land by Saffiedine, and Marquardt fires off a combo of his own. Right from Saffiedine and they clinch up again. Marquardt looks worse for wear as the round winds down, while Saffiedine appears fresh and ready to go. A trio of leg kicks connect by Saffiedine, as Marquardt is hobbling a bit now and his thigh is bruised.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Saffiedine

Round 4: Again, Saffiedine charges right out at Marquardt. Jabs, kicks, jabs and kicks by Saffiedine all land. Back to working the lead leg of Marquardt by Saffiedine, who lands a spinning elbow. The two are now engaged and standing toe-to-toe, as Saffiedine continues to damage the leg of Marquardt with kicks to the thighs. Saffiedine nearly has Marquardt down to one leg right now, but Marquardt is still pushing forward. Overhand right by Marquardt misses. Saffiedine lands a strike and Marquardt has blood coming from the eye area. Saffiedine has picked Marquardt apart, and is definitely looking like not only a champion, but a strong contender in the UFC. Uppercut by Marquardt and answered by a pair of kicks to the leg of Marquardt.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Saffiedine

Round 5: Saffiedine lets out a scream to start the final round, as Marquardt looks ready to exit the cage. Big left by Marquardt lands, who has to feel like he is behind on the scorecards. Head kick by Saffiedine connects, and he goes right back to working the leg. Uppercut by Saffiedine gets through. More kicks to that damaged lead leg. Straight right lands by Saffiedine as Marquardt goes to block a kick that isn’t thrown. Two minutes left and this is all Saffiedine. Saffiedine still going for the finish, coming right in and attacking Marquardt with 90 seconds left. Saffiedine scores a takedown, sealing the victory with some nice elbows to the face. Saffiedine’s teammate, Henderson, screams at him to finish the fight, as he goes all out and the bell sounds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Saffiedine

Tarec Saffiedine def. Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46) to become the Strikeforce welterweight champion