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Zach Makovsky Toying With Becoming A Flyweight

Former Bellator bantamweight champion Zach Makovsky was shocked that he got released. Makovsky had won six fights in a row for Bellator and the title along the way. After dropping the title 2012 to Eduardo Dantas, he lost his only other fight that year to Anthony Leone. Makovsky thinks in the end it will have been for the best as he looks to drop down to flyweight and join a promotion that has a roster with more depth.

“I think it was actually a blessing in disguise,” said Makovsky to MMA Weekly. “I had four more fights on my contract and if you go back in a tournament you have to sign a new tournament contract. If you end up winning, your contract gets extended, so if you want to make a move it gets really hard to get out of your contract.”

Makovsky was interested in the UFC’s flyweight division as he sees it starting to grow since Demetrious Johnson won a mini tournament to hold the inaugural title. With it only being a 10 pound drop from how Makovsky usually competes, he doesn’t think cutting the weight will be a problem.

After starting a new diet, Makovsky looks to return to action in the spring with no promotion mentioned. He hopes to catch the attention of UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby and land a spot on their roster.