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Dana White Titles MMA As The Safest Sport Around

If one was to ask UFC president Dana White is thoughts on the safety of professional athletes, he would point out that MMA is at the top of the list. In regards to the UFC, he would conclude that there is no other sport or promotion that takes better care of their athletes.

“In the 20 year history of the UFC there has never been a death or a serious injury because we go above and beyond when it comes to the safety of these guys,” said White during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. “When you know you have two healthy athletes getting ready to compete, they get the proper medical attention before and after, it’s the safest sport in the world, fact.”

White was quick to point out that concussions are a major problem in sports, targeting the NFL in his speech. Currently, there is a lawsuit in motion against the NFL from former players who have cited concussions due to a lack of safety in the sport. There are over 3,000 names that are a part of the lawsuit.

In the UFC, before a fighter is allowed to compete inside the Octagon they must be medically cleared. After every fight, a doctor examines the fighter and medical suspensions are handed out. They base the suspensions off the injuries sustained in the fight. These medical suspensions require the fighters to stay away from contact for a certain period of time and makes fighters see a specialist as a follow up for certain injuries if deemed necessary.

The UFC currently employees around 500 fighters according White.