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Eddie Alvarez Situation Takes An Interesting Turn Of Events

Eddie Alvarez is now stuck in what movie directors refer to as “production hell.”

Alvarez appeared on The MMA Hour Monday to discuss his contract situation with Bellator and the UFC. The UFC offered Alvarez a deal, but Bellator decided to match everything presented to the former lightweight champion.

Now, the fighting career of Alvarez will go to the courts, as Alvarez is being sued and his contract status is now in litigation.

“We went to settlement maybe a couple days ago,” Alvarez said. “We had a settlement meeting to where we were supposed to settle our differences. Long story short, I was used 30 minutes after our settlement agreement was over.”

Bellator believes they have matched everything offered to Alvarez by the UFC, but Alvarez and his legal team disagree. Alvarez has taken to Twitter throughout the day to answer questions about the situation as best he can.

Alvarez was asked if the UFC could counter the first offer and improve it, making it harder for Bellator to match, but Alvarez wrote, “no, no option one shot deal.” He later responded to a comment made concerning Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney and if he felt as if Rebney had changed as a person.

“Not sure he changed,” Alvarez posted. “I just don’t know if I ever realized who he really was.”

Alvarez could be forced to sit on the sidelines for a year away from the sport, but he seems content to do that if need be saying, “no fighter is truly free. We’re slaves to the game we love. I’m standing up for what’s right regardless.”