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Tyson Fury Shifts Focus To Michael Bisping

Tyson Fury continues to slam UFC fighters. First was heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and now is middleweight title contender Michael Bisping. Fury called out Velasquez for a fight, but the UFC fighter has not responded to the boxer’s challenge.

After Bisping said that Velasquez would destroy Fury, the Englishman boxer went off on Twitter. In a tweet he said, “I think Michael Bisping is a first class prick! Him and Velasquez at the same time couldn’t beat me! My friend KO’d Bisping. Ask him.”

Bisping, who is usually not at a loss for words, chose to ignore the comments.

Later this month, Bisping meets Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX. That happens January 19 from Brazil, in a fight where UFC president Dana White said if Bisping wins he gets a future middleweight title shot.