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After A Brain Hemorrhage Brian Foster Wants Back In The UFC

Brian Foster (18-5) is ready for a UFC return. After going 1-2 for the promotion, he was unexpectedly released due to medical issues. Foster revealed that he suffered a brain hemorrhage prior to UFC 129 and couldn’t get medical clearance inside the U.S.

After brain surgery and a groin injury that followed, he returned to action for Cage Warriors and later Capital City Cage Wars in 2011. He was set for the Season 7 Bellator tournament, but was denied by the MSAC due his medical history.

“The past few years have been an absolute headache,” said Foster to Bleacher Report. “Sometimes it felt as if I was doing these things, following these steps to get cleared for no reason at all.”

After forking over all his money for medical bills, Foster is ready to return to the UFC. He considers himself one of the top welterweights and thinks there shouldn’t be a problem in clearing him to fight now.

Currently, the UFC has not resigned Foster or spoken to him about rejoining the promotion. That hasn’t stopped Foster, who still hopes to return inside the Octagon.

Foster hasn’t competed since 2011 and no future fights have been mentioned.